4 Tips on Keeping Your RV Space Free From Clutter

4 Tips on Keeping Your RV Space Free From Clutter

There is something intriguing about going tiny and living the minimalist lifestyle. Tiny living in an RV or tiny home has been on the rise for many years now. More and more people are feeling the draw towards a simple life that allows one to have more experiences and less material items.

Maybe it’s the economy or the increased ability to make an income online that drives people to live in an RV or tiny home. Everyone has their reasoning, however, going tiny means downsizing and for the majority that means getting rid of a lot of stuff.

Now, if you live in a standard brick and mortar home, it’s easy to accumulate many things without feeling cramped. However, when you go tiny you start to recognize what you can and cannot take.

One thing to note also is living tiny can cause even the smallest individual to feel cramped. Small spaces tend to get messy a lot quicker which causes the space to feel less open, uninviting and cluttered.

Many RV’s do have some nice storage options with closets, shelves, under bench storage, and under bed storage. However, even with these storage options, it is easy to fill them up quickly and have your stuff overflow into your living spaces.

So how can you keep your RV space open, inviting, and free of clutter?

1. Stay organized and give everything a ‘home’

The greatest thing to do is to create a home for everything you own. There can be many items like shoes, blankets, keys, or kitchen appliances that can be used quite a bit and left out. When items are left out, this can begin to cause the cramped and cluttered feeling.

Some of my favorite items to use are baskets. They provide dedicated spaces for assigned items while also keeping things stylish and organized. Another great option is Command Hooks for hanging keys, jackets, and bags.

For us, we actually have two designated baskets for our shoes, one for my shoes and one for my husbands. By making sure we keep our shoes in the basket it frees up the minimal floor space in our RV from shoe clutter and minimizes the amount of dirt tracked into the RV.

So, Give every item their own home! Plus, when you need something you will know exactly where it is!

2. Get creative with both horizontal and vertical space

First, I want to mention an amazing book by Ashley Mann @RVInspiration called “Create Space From Thin Air“. Such a catchy title, I love it! This Ebook gives you some fantastic ideas on how you can best utilize the entire space in your RV by adding storage vertically and horizontally. You can download it here!

What do you mean Horizontal and vertical space?

Well, Horizontal spaces are the drawers, under bed storage, cabinets, and storage shelves, whereas, the vertical space can be a little challenging. Vertical storage space requires some creative thought. Some examples are hanging baskets on the walls or hanging musical instruments like a guitar, instead of it sitting on a floor stand.

So, get creative and utilize every square inch of your space and don’t forget to download “Create Space From Thin Air” by Ashley Mann @RVInspiration.

3. One thing in, One thing out.

This is a great tip to live by, especially when living the tiny life. If you decide to purchase something new like a pair of boots, or pillows it’s better to get rid of the old ones then try and store them in a small RV. You can do this by donating them if they are still in decent condition or just simply tossing them or recycling.

By following the one thing in, one thing out rule can prevent overcrowding the space, which will keep the space open, inviting, and free from clutter.

4. Keep it simple!

What do I mean ‘keep it simple’? Isn’t living in a tiny space of an RV already keeping it simple?

While living tiny is a simpler life, it is still easy to accumulate items for decor, outdoor activities, kitchen items, or more clothes and shoes.

Keep it simple is referring to multiple things. One, for example, is your wardrobe. It’s easier to have just basics that are extremely versatile.  This is also called a Capsule Wardrobe.

Another example is RV’s decor. Too many pillows or overcrowding decor on the table or walls can make space feel crowded or cramped.  RV’s are small spaces, therefore a little bit of decor can go a long way.

I hope these tips are helping! We love living tiny and do our best to utilize these 4 tips to keep our space open and inviting. It’s surprising how many people request to tour your RV, and the last thing I want is them to feel crowded or cramped while spending time in the small space.

Also, Keep in mind it can take time to designate items with there ‘home place’ as well as time to figure how you can use your vertical spaces more efficiently. If you haven’t downloaded the ebook “Create Space from Thin Air”, here is the link! (I do receive a commission if you choose to purchase through my link. Their is no additional cost to you.) It has some amazing ideas for storage in RVs.

If you’re living the tiny life I would love to know; do you have a tip on organizing or keeping your tiny space open, inviting, and free from clutter? Comment below!

Also, Feel free to share on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter! Thank you for stopping by!

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The Best $5 Meal Plan for RVers | Free 14 Day Trial

The Best $5 Meal Plan for RVers | Free 14 Day Trial

Meal planning and grocery shopping!

We all have to eat, and as much as we wish we could eat out every night or have a fancy chef cook our every meal, in reality, that just doesn’t happen. So, if you are tired of wasting time making a grocery list or trying to figure out what’s for dinner every night? You’re not alone!

For us, eating out happens only on occasions! Therefore, we have learned to cook at home and purchase the right ingredients for our planned out tasty meals. However, that wasn’t always the case.

What Made Us Start Meal Planning?

For years I would go to the store, walk down every aisle, grab items off the shelves and then later figure out what was for dinner with what I bought.

I knew my way of grocery shopping wasn’t working when too many of our perishable items would rot and wither before we had a chance to make a meal. Also, when Matthew and I moved into our RV full-time our fridge just wasn’t as large as an industrial one and our pantry storage became almost non-existent.

I did always try to purchase the Ingredients for basic meals like Tacos, Chicken w/veggies, and Spaghetti. Although basic meals are easy and quick, they can get repetitive and boring.

I specifically remember my husband saying, “what do we have for dinner?”

And I replied; “chicken and broccoli with rice”.

He said “Again?”

That’s when I knew something had to change. We needed new recipes and new ideas!!

We couldn’t continue with our normal routine because we either ended up with not enough room or eventually wasted food. Wasted food equals wasted money, right? We definitely had no room to be wasting money! Especially when we are on our way to becoming debt free which you can read about here on our monthly goal posts: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life. 

So I went on to Pinterest and started searching. I came across a blog post regarding meal planning and they recommended the $5 Dollar Meal Plan service. I instantly became interested clicked on their link in the post.

Through my scrolling of www.5dollarmealplan.com website I, of course, read the whole page and the reviews. After all, the reviews are so important.

After about 5 minutes, I realized that this service was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to save money, save time, and most importantly stop buying items and ingredients that never get used. I saw this service as being the answer to my problem. 

So, we signed up for the 14 free day trial to try it out. As soon as we did, we received our first planned meals. I also did some searching on my own to see what kind of recipes they had as options.

Do we like the meals and service?

So far we have loved the service! Every week we receive in our email a complete list of meals for the week including a detailed grocery list at the end of the recipes. The list is downloadable, printable, and saves so much time.  

We take the list, mark off any items we already have in our fridge or pantry. Then when we go to the store we purchase the items that we still need. The service has been great!

What do you get with the service? 

You get a full week of meals sent to your inbox every Friday, with cooking instructions and a grocery list.

The option to build your own perfect plan according to your specifications.

Search for meals designed by cooking method. So, if you love using just one pot for your meals to save on dishes there are recipes for that. They also have meal specifically for crock pot/slow cookers, meals that are freezer friendly, meals for baking, meals for Dutch Ovens, and more.

Search by dietary preferences such as gluten-free, paleo, dairy free, soy free, or vegetarian there are specific meals for you.

Search and create meals plans for the time of day. If you want to plan meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner there are plenty of recipes for you to add variety for weeks.

Search by ingredients like beef, salad, beans, chicken, eggs, and more.

They really have thought about their customers with a great meal planning service. Plus, Free Coupons that you can print for your grocery shopping to save even more money. Here are some images of the dashboard and what to expect by searching the categories.

Is it worth it?

Well, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial to see if the service is something that will benefit you and your family. We did exactly that and after the 14 days decided to purchase the full service at only $5 a month.

I feel like the price is definitely affordable and reasonable for the amount of time it has saved us and can save you.

How has the product benefited us?

By using the $5 meal planning service we have saved over $100 a month on groceries by only purchasing what we needed and using the coupons they provide with the service. This, in turn, has prevented us from eating out and wasting food.

I now have more time to focus on playing with my dogs on the weekends, writing, and spending time with my husband, instead of spending my Sunday trying to meal plan and create a grocery list.

If you’re single, a couple, or a family with children this service has so many benefits. It also allows variety for your weekly meals. Before we would always eat chicken, pasta, and tacos, those were my go-to ingredients when I went grocery shopping. Now, we have opened up our meal options and have tried a variety of fish dishes, vegetarian dishes, nutritionally packed smoothies and more!

So save your weekends for the family and let Shane, Erin, and Jim do your meal planning for you! You can start your free 14-day trial here! 


12+ Must Have RV Essentials For New RV Owners

12+ Must Have RV Essentials For New RV Owners

Must-Have RV Essentials | Owning an RV is such an amazing adventure to embark on.

According to the RV Industry Association, it is estimated that approximately 10 million Americans own RVs. That is an impressive number and it is continuously growing. 

So, you are not alone in your RVing journey!

If you are looking to purchase or already own one there are definitely items that are needed that do not come with your RV purchase.

Items like leveler blocks and sewer hoses that you just cannot camp or live without as an RV owner.

must haves rv essentials

​Now, when we first purchased our RV we had a lot to figure out. However, after the first couple of weeks of living full-time in our RV, we quickly realized that we were missing some much-needed items.

Must have RV essentials that have now made our living and traveling so much easier, safer, and cleaner!

Therefore, with our knowledge, trials, and expertise as full-timers, we put together a list of accessories we have purchased.

We also added explanations on why they are necessary for the RV journey!

So, whether you made your purchase for weekend camping or you are going to be living full-time like us, this list is everything you will need to get started!

Leveler blocks

These are a must! We figured this out the hard way.

In our first month of living full-time, the RV was un-level.  It was frustrating, to say the least.

We purchased these leveler blocks and made sure on our next site we leveled the tires first.

You can also use the blocks under the stabilizers to keep from overextension as well as the front jack. 

Wheel Chocks

These are a safety must-have RV essential to prevent any accidental movements. 

Many places actually require that wheel chocks are used when you set up an RV or Trailer. 

Power extension cord

The 50amp power extension cord was the first item we purchased after buying our RV. 

Where we were parked we needed about 70ft of extension and the 35ft cord that came with just wasn’t enough.

Plus, it is always nice to have extra in case one surges out. 

Amp Converter

Every RV Park is going to have different amp plugin options. Many times it is either 30 amps or 50amps.

Having a converter is going to save you a trip to the store and allow you to stay at more parks. Our RV takes 50 amps, so we have the 50amp Female/30amp Male.

Drinking-Water Hose

This type of hose is a must to have because the material in a regular garden hose can contain unsafe materials/minerals for drinking.

The Drinking Water Hose is BPA and Lead-Free for safer water consumption.

Water Pressure Regulator

Water regulators help control the city water pressure and protects your RV’s Pipes from busting.

They regulate the pressure to being a safe 50 to 55 psi.

Water Purifier

We love this because you never know what the water will be like going to camp to camp.

Therefore, a purifier to hook up to your hose before the water comes into your tanks or lines is a nice safety measure for your tanks as well as drinking.

Mattress topper or new mattress that fits in a RV

Let’s be honest, the mattresses that are provided with the RV (unless you custom order) is extremely hard and uncomfortable.

Whether you live full-time or camping on the weekends, no one wants to sleep on a rock hard mattress. Therefore, purchasing an RV Mattress topper was a must-have RV essential for us!

Check out our post on Tips for Making Your RV Bedroom Cozy & Comfy + Lucid Mattress Review


I can’t tell you how many stories I have read about mold in an RV due to humidity!

Many times the mold forms near windows and beds especially when it’s cold outside and warm inside.

A Dehumidifier can help prevent the build-up of moisture and further prevent mold growth. This is a Must-Have RV Essential for us! 

Sewer Hose

Honestly, no one with an RV should be camping without one. A sewer hose is a must-have RV essential for safety and sanitary reasons!

A sewer hose is designed to hook up to the black and grey tanks output pipes and then hook the other end to a dump station pipe.

It prevents disgusting mishaps and allows one to properly release the tanks’ waste.

Tank Treatments

Honestly, we have no idea we needed this until the horrendous smells after taking a shower or dumping fumigated our RV.

We tried many methods to help with the smell including the GEO method of Dawn and Fabric softener. This does help, but I also highly recommend Happy Camper. It helps break down the waste as well as combat the smells.

Check our our review RV Tank Treatment: Comparing GEO Method to Happy Camper

Decomposing Toilet Paper

You can buy special RV toilet paper or another kind like SCOTT but whatever you decide you want to use decomposing because it prevents build-up and blockage.

I have read horror stories of RV toilets and black tanks clogging up due to toilet paper blockage. Therefore, the soft fluffy toilet paper like Charmin is NOT the best to use in an RV.

Air Compressor

When traveling, this is a must-have RV essential!

Before leaving a camp checking the air in the tires should be a priority and having a portable air compressor available is extremely convenient. 

Power Surge Protector

Surge protector can help prevent your RV’s electrical system and appliances from frying. This can be due to either a badly wired power supply at a campsite or Lightning.

Tire Covers

Tire Covers prevent the tire’s rubber from sun exposure that causes them to lose the moisture in the tire’s rubber, also known as Dry Rot!

Having Dry Rot in your tires can be a disaster on the road. A great preventative measure is to have tire covers, especially if you are going to be camped without moving for a while.

No Sway/Weight Distribution Bars

These are a MUST HAVE RV ESSENTIAL if you have a Travel Trailer/Bumper pull. Our RV is a 34 ft bumper pull, and having these No Sway Bars was a non-negotiable for us.

The guys at Route66 in Oklahoma set them up for us because having them properly installed is extremely important for them to work correctly.

This was the best and most important purchase to make when towing a Travel Trailer. The No Sway Bars prevent the trailer from swaying by gusts of wind while driving, which further prevents overturning your entire trailer and truck.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! We really hope this list of must-have RV essentials provides some great insight on items that are very useful when owning an RV, whether you are full-time or a seasonal/weekend traveler.

All of these items are a must for us because they have made our lives of living in an RV easier, safer, and cleaner.

If you have any suggestions on great items you’ve found or are must-haves for living the RV lifestyle, please comment below!

We would love to hear from you!


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must haves rv essentials
12+ must have RV essentials for newbies
The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing for Life in an RV

The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing for Life in an RV

So you’re looking to Downsize into a smaller space or specifically an RV?

Well, I am here to tell you that it is possible and it could be an easier task then you imagine!

But first, our journey in downsizing to live in an RV started way before we even made the purchase. You see, Matthew and I have in some way been downsizing since we got married.

Instead of moving in to our very own place, we moved in with roommates in order to finish up an apartment lease and save money. It was definitely a challenge being newlyweds in a 10×11 room. We had to learn to live small early on in our relationship.

After the roommate situation, we moved into the 1 bedroom 700 sqft apartment. That was the largest space we have ever lived together. Then we moved in with my parents November of 2017 for 6 months. That living situation was a temporary financial decision to help ensure the transition into the RV Life was pleasant.

While living with my parents, we went from a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment with a washer and dryer to a 10×11 room with no closet. Most of our items were in boxes and placed in their garage for storage. We didn’t realize how much we had accumulated in our 1 bedroom apartment until we saw it all stacked up in boxes.

The garage was so packed, there was barely any room to walk through. This fueled me to get started on downsizing and getting rid of items as quickly as possible. Now, with everything being in the garage, this did give us the ability to truly figure out the items we needed to live with and the items we could go without.

So, during the 6 months of living with my parents, we went through all the boxes and followed these exact steps to downsize to live in our RV.I believe that starting early and not waiting until we bought our RV gave us time to really go through our belongings. So, if you plan on moving into a smaller space, the sooner you start downsizing the easier it will be.

Whether you are moving from a 1 bedroom apartment or a 5 bedroom house, these steps can assist anyone.

1. Understand your RV’s layout and amenities.

This is important before truly downsizing because all RV’s are different sizes and have different storage options. If you have not picked your RV, check out this book by Alyssa Padget, this will help make the decision on what type of RV is right for you.

Once you do find your RV, know that getting rid of everything isn’t necessarily the best answer. When we moved into our RV, we discovered that we had more space and storage than we expected. This is great because it has allowed us to grow.

Therefore, by understanding the RV’s Layout and Amenities, you will realize that there are some items clearly not needed like a dining table and chairs, a bed, sofas, dressers, and usually any other larger furniture items. These items just will not be able to go into the RV mainly because of size and there is usually already one built in. If you choose to replace the sofas or dining tables, one thing to be aware of is the size and the weight of the furniture because each RV frames do have limits.


2. Take notes on items used every day

By making a conscious decision to recognize what items you use daily will help you realize the items you can go without. Take your time in this phase. Go a week or even a month and really figure out what you use on a daily basis. This is important because RV’s have limited space. Therefore, ensuring the items you bring along are items you WILL use will help you use your space wisely.

For me, I had dresses that I had only worn once or twice that just took up way too much space. Those types of clothes will have to be stored or sold unless you can make room. If it’s not clothes, it could be kitchen appliances, dishes, shoes, and the accumulation of cleaning products or pantry food. We realized we had way too many plates, and 3 sets of pots and pans. The RV just can’t hold all those items, so we had to choose which set to keep and which appliances we use the most.


3. Organize items: Keep

Now is the time to really set aside the sentimental items. If you have pictures, books, important documents, items or furniture that are heirlooms set them aside. You might be surprised at what you could take with you after you figure out the necessities.

The keep pile can also be items that you do not want to get rid of but would rather place in storage or items that you know you want with you in the RV. Some keep items for us was extra blankets, our crockpot, an extra plate set for guests, small décor items, pictures, etc.



4. Organize Items: Sell

You always want to try a sell as much as you can. There may be some big-ticket items like furniture that can make you some money to save or pay off debt. We sold our couch, washer/dryer set, TV, and much more. The money we made we put right back into our savings for a down payment on the RV.

To sell items, host a garage sale and advertise it on local Facebook groups or community forums. You can also individually list items on Facebook marketplace, craigslist, Let Go App or consignment. The majority of items we sold was on the Facebook Marketplace and Let go App.


5. Organize Items: Donate

Not all items are good to donate. Sometimes overly used towels or torn up blankets are not best, but the ones that are gently used are nice. Gently used clothing items are great to donate but don’t donate undergarments unless that are new and in their original package. Items good to donate are also Kitchen appliances, cookware, dishes, and toys!

Don’t forget your family and friends. Sometimes there are items that they might enjoy to take off your hands. For example, My sister in law wanted some of my Décor items and I was happy to hand them over to her.

Also, pantry items like canned foods are great to donate. RV pantries are small and usually can’t hold items in bulk so donating unused canned items that have not expired is always nice.


6. Organize Items: Trash

Once the items are separated in what you will keep, you’ve already tried selling, and some items just aren’t great to donate don’t be afraid to just toss things out. We threw away our mattress and box spring because they were overused and not donatable. Some items can also be recycled if your city has a program.


7. Move into your New Home on Wheels

Slowly start to add the items you know are necessities for living in an RV, Camping, and what you will use daily. Make a place for them and organize. Then bring in the Décor and Sentimental items to store and keep. For us, after moving in we were surprised with how much we truly were able to bring in to the RV and how much space we still had.


8. Locate a storage unit

Remember those sentimental items that you set aside but can’t take on the small RV? Now is time to find a place to store them. Many people locate their nearest storage facilities and rent one out. Some storage places are even climate controlled depending on what you want to keep safe will depend on the type of storage unit you get. For us, our extra items that we didn’t want to get rid of remain in my parents’ garage for now.


There you have it! The exact steps on how we downsized to live in less than 300sqft RV. Remember, downsizing takes time and it depends on how much stuff you have. Sometimes you will need to repeat the steps of organizing the Keep, Sell, Donate, and Trash piles. Take it day by day, and don’t rush. The last thing you want to do to is throw something away that is extremely important or sentimental.

We had a one-bedroom apartment, so it wasn’t that painstaking for us; however, you might have a larger house that is fully furnished. The Larger the space, the more stuff accumulates! So, take your time through the downsizing process and continue with the steps until you’re happy. Remember not everything has to be sold in one garage sale, and sometimes an item can sit in the Facebook marketplace for months before catching the eye of a buyer.

I truly hope these steps help anyone who is wanting or needing to downsize their space. It truly helped us get the most out of our stuff. We were able to make more than $1000 from our couch, tv, and washer/dryer.

Let us know how these steps have helped you or if you have found other ways to downsize. We love to hear your story. Comment below, share on social media, and don’t forget to follow us!

Have a wonderful day and happy downsizing!

Why We Chose To Live In An RV

Why We Chose To Live In An RV

Why did we choose to live in an RV? There are many reasons and we are going to discuss our process and why we made the decision.

But… First, I would like to mention how much thought went into this major life decision of ours.

We have never bought a house, but I feel that we put just as much time, energy, and thought into the buying process of our home on wheels, as we would have if we were buying a brick and mortar home.

We chose to live full time in an RV for a combination of reasons, but one of the main reasons/goals was to save money and to become debt free.

Prior to moving into our RV, we were enjoying living together as newlyweds, in our first one-bedroom apartment. We were loving life with our two fur babies, a view of a gorgeous park from our balcony, close to family, and commuting even distances from our jobs.

However, those commutes were becoming monotonous. I was also becoming listless about my work and felt that we needed a change. I wanted to explore life outside of my hometown and begin a new adventure.

Thankfully Matt was on the same page and just as eager to see what the next step would bring.

We discussed purchasing a house but ultimately felt that it wouldn’t help us meet our goal of being debt free, not to mention that we didn’t have a clue as to where we wanted to settle down.

We also considered moving to Florida, where some of our family friends live. But that would mean we would have to completely start over, and let’s face it, that is a big feat that we weren’t quite ready for.

The Beginning Stages

During the time we were contemplating our next step, my sister in law mentioned the idea of living full time in an RV. Without hesitation, I began researching the possibility. It intrigued me!

Being an opportunist, I don’t usually cast things aside without consideration and research. I scoured Pinterest, Instagram, Google, and even found Facebook groups dedicate to full-time RV living.

After much research, I felt that this could be the change and adventure we were longing for! This could be the answer to us becoming debt free, giving us the ability to travel, and live life on our terms.

So I mustered up the courage to talk to my husband about it, fully expecting some reservations on his part. To my surprise, Matthew was all for the idea!

The Planning Stage

Now that we had a goal and the next step was decided on, we had more research to do. The planning and preparation process took many months. I would be lying if I said that during that time we didn’t question our decision and wonder if we were crazy. I would think,

Are we crazy? Shouldn’t we be purchasing a home, building equity, and having kids?


The Doubting Stage

Being in our mid/late twenties, and newly married, there seemed to be some social pressures about settling down in a house and starting a family. And even though it was easy to look at others our age and feel like maybe we were wrong to not follow the same path, we had this dream to do things a little differently.

We reminded ourselves, and still do, that everyone’s dreams and ideas of happiness are different. It is okay to take the road less traveled.

Even though we had overcome our own doubts, that didn’t mean we wouldn’t face doubt or disapproval from others about our choice. After deciding and announcing our decision to RV full time we were met with comments like “RV’s depreciate.” “You’ll never get equity out of it.” While those comments were true, those facts weren’t factors for us. We weren’t worried about building equity or depreciation.

We dreamed of traveling and we were motivated to pay off those student loans and personal debts! To us, that was worth investing in.

What do we have to lose stage

Experiencing our beautiful country, with all of its magnificent wonders, without worrying about a ton of monthly loan payments is a dream! A dream that with a couple years of hard work, and budgeting could become a reality for us.

We felt like we had nothing to lose, but everything to gain by choosing this lifestyle. We had the opportunity to travel if we are able to or stay stationary. That is Freedom with our home base.


April of 2018 was our beginning journey in living in our RV full-time. We have lived in our RV stationary on our Families land for about 2 years now. We had a surprise baby in 2019 and he has blessed our lives more than what we could have ever imagined.

I think with everything in your live, you must be able to pivot, to change, and go with the flow. Nothing is going to go as planned, but you have to keep going and taking those risks to make your dreams a reality. So if living minimally and traveling in an RV is your dream, GO FOR IT!

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