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17 2 2 - Why We Chose To Live In An RV

First, I would like to mention how much thought went into this major life decision of ours. We have never bought a house, but I feel that we put just as much time, energy, and thought into the buying process of our home on wheels, as we would have if we were buying a brick and mortar home.

We chose to live full time in an RV for a combination of reasons, but one of the main reasons/goals was to save money and to become debt free.

Prior to moving into our RV, we were enjoying living together as newlyweds, in our first one-bedroom apartment. We were loving life with our two fur babies, a view of a gorgeous park from our balcony, close to family, and commuting even distances from our jobs.

However, those commutes were becoming monotonous. I was also becoming listless about my work and felt that we needed a change. I wanted to explore life outside of my hometown and begin a new adventure. Thankfully Matt was on the same page and just as eager to see what the next step would bring.

We discussed purchasing a house but ultimately felt that it wouldn’t help us meet our goal of being debt free, not to mention that we didn’t have a clue as to where we wanted to settle down. We also considered moving to Florida, where some of our family friends live. But that would mean we would have to completely start over, and let’s face it, that is a big feat that we weren’t quite ready for.

During the time we were contemplating our next step, my sister in law mentioned the idea of living full time in an RV. Without hesitation, I began researching the possibility. It intrigued me! Being an opportunist, I don’t usually cast things aside without consideration and research. I scoured Pinterest, Instagram, Google, and even found Facebook groups dedicate to full-time RV living. After much research, I felt that this could be the change and adventure we were longing for! This could be the answer to us becoming debt free, giving us the ability to travel, and live life on our terms. So I mustered up the courage to talk to my husband about it, fully expecting some reservations on his part. To my surprise, Matthew was all for the idea!

Now that we had a goal and the next step was decided on, we had more research to do. The planning and preparation process took many months. I would be lying if I said that during that time we didn’t question our decision and wonder if we were crazy. I would think,

Are we crazy? Shouldn’t we be purchasing a home, building equity, and having kids?

Being in our mid/late twenties, and newly married, there seemed to be some social pressures about settling down in a house and starting a family. And even though it was easy to look at others our age and feel like maybe we were wrong to not follow the same path, we had this dream to do things a little differently. We reminded ourselves, and still do, that everyone’s dreams and ideas of happiness are different. It is okay to take the road less traveled.

Even though we had overcome our own doubts, that didn’t mean we wouldn’t face doubt or disapproval from others about our choice. After deciding and announcing our decision to RV full time we were met with comments like “RV’s depreciate.” “You’ll never get equity out of it.” While those comments were true, those facts weren’t factors for us. We weren’t worried about building equity or depreciation. We dreamed of traveling and we were motivated to pay off those student loans and personal debts! To us, that was worth investing in.

Experiencing our beautiful country, with all of its magnificent wonders, without worrying about a ton of monthly loan payments is a dream! A dream that with a couple years of hard work, and budgeting could become a reality for us.

That brings me to another reason we chose to live in an RV, and that is Simplicity! The saying “less is more”, rings true for us!  A smaller space means fewer things. Less mess, less stress. Less money is spent on things to fill a big space and we don’t buy things that will only be used once. We are more conscious of the things we bring into our RV since space is smaller. It allows for less cleaning time and more time enjoying life. We love the idea of living with only the things we need and just a few things we want. Living this minimalistic lifestyle affords us more money to put towards paying off our debt.

It’s simple, and simple is Beautiful!

So, after 9 long months of research, hard work, and planning, the dream finally became a reality. We purchased our RV and began full-time RVing immediately. So far, so good. This lifestyle choice has allowed us to save and pay off our debt at a much faster rate than we were previously able to accomplish. The RV has brought our monthly expenses down from a $1000 rent payment for a 1-bedroom apartment down to a $278 RV payment.  We are currently “fam-docking”, meaning we live on land with our family.  We pay for electricity and water, which brings our living expenses to $378 a month.

To streamline, even more, we sold our Jeep Grand Cherokee, I work remotely so this worked well for us. Selling the Jeep put back an extra $500 a month in our pockets. We now own one vehicle, our Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel that we purchased to pull our RV. By downsizing to one vehicle and living in the RV, we have been able to allocate an extra $1,122 a month towards our debt payments.

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We are still making small changes and budgeting monthly expenses to make the most of our paychecks. We are determined to stick to our plan to be completely debt free! That to us sounds like Freedom!

Our long-term plan is to eventually purchase land, and live in our Rv while we build our home. Our goal and dream would be to build our home without taking on a loan. A big dream but very doable!

Until then, as much as we want to travel in the RV, we understand that circumstances may not allow us to do so fulltime, but we keep the option open, and hope to get to the point that we can travel! At this time we still rely on Matthews job that is stationary and requires a commute.

Every move we make is strategic, but we understand that not everything can be planned. Ultimately, we put our faith in God every day to guide us. For now, the lifestyle of living in an RV is going to catapult us to a debt-free life we dream about, and if we get to experience the wonders of this Nation like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone along the way, bring it on!

That’s is why we chose to live in an RV. To pay off debt, travel, and live a simple minimalistic lifestyle.

Why did you choose or why are you considering full-time RV life? Please, comment below! We would love to hear your story!

17 2 2 - Why We Chose To Live In An RV


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