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Exploring Life Together & LIving with Purpose!

Welcome! We are Matthew and Nissa Haight. (Pronounced ‘Height’). We married in September of 2016. We are now living Full Time in a Brand New 2019 Palomino Puma RV and we absolutely love the lifestyle. 

Exploring New Sights is a blog about the minimalist lifestyle of living in an RV, all things money and budgeting financially, as well as, exploring new exciting things. Whether it’s a new place, a new concept, a new product, or a new vision of life. It’s about learning to live happy, healthy, and never stop exploring! 

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Explore with us as we live and blog on all things RV, Adventure, and Finances.

Should You Buy a New or Used RV? Analyzing the Pros & Cons

  Should you buy a New or Used RV? When it comes to buying your very first RV or even your second or third, there are so many things to consider. There is also the age-old debate that has many people confused about whether purchasing their RV new or used will be the...

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February 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!

It’s that time! Setting up my goals for the month of February 2019. But first, let’s recap on January’s goals. My goals for January came with a lot of motivation and an attitude of “I can do this”. However, I didn’t count on being sick for almost half the month with...

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5 Tips on Creating the Perfect Budget

Creating the perfect budget doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. But first, what is a budget? A budget is just creating a plan for your money. Kind of like how you create a plan to write a paper or create a plan for a day of fun. A budget is similar. Now,...

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“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

Mary Ritter Beard

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