Tips on Making Your Camping Trip Fun with Your Dog!

Tips on Making Your Camping Trip Fun with Your Dog!

campingwithdogtipstwitter - Tips on Making Your Camping Trip Fun with Your Dog!
Tips on Camping with your Dog 1 - Tips on Making Your Camping Trip Fun with Your Dog!

Camping with dogs can be either an extremely fun and enjoyable experience, or it can be a stressful disaster. We have 3 dogs that we love taking everywhere with us, especially on camping trips. However, when we take them into a new environment, they get curious. Their curiosity causes stress because the last thing I want is to lose one of my pets.

So, I searched for many ways of training dogs, so I can stop worrying about them in areas that are unknown. My goal was to trust my dogs that they aren’t going to run off, disturb any nearby neighbors, or become so distracted that they don’t listen when we call.

I wanted to know the best ways to keep a dog distracted and exhausted, so they don’t do something during a family camping trip that causes frustration or fear. Therefore, I’ve put together our favorite things we have tried that helps keep the family and the pets having a fun and adventurous camping vacation.

1. Give them a job

Dog Backpack 300x150 - Tips on Making Your Camping Trip Fun with Your Dog!

You’re probably wondering, “what, give your dog a job”? “How do I do that?”

Surprisingly, when you put a dog backpack on your pet, this stimulates that dogs’ brain that they are working. They are carrying their own water, food, or toys. Dogs love being useful, especially if you have a breed like a Labrador, Collie, or Shepherd to name a few. These breeds are working dogs and enjoy the brain stimulation a job gives them.

2. Bring the treats

If you have a pet that is food motivated, like our three pooches, then bringing the treats is the greatest idea. When we go on camping trips we bring not only small quick treats, but also larger chew toys like deer antlers or a stuffed Kong to keep them busy.

3. Go on a hike

Dog Hike2 300x222 - Tips on Making Your Camping Trip Fun with Your Dog!

This is great when camping because you’re going to be out in the wilderness anyways. Why not take a day and explore the area? Plus, your beloved pets will absolutely love it! This is a great time to put on that dog backpack for them as well. Not only are you giving them a job, but you’re also releasing all that energy most dogs have during the day so they can relax and sleep later by the fire. Plus, they are carrying their own water and food.

If you need any recommendations on dog leashes or harnesses check out my post on the Gentle Leaders here. We use them for all three of our dogs, it keeps them from pulling during walks/hikes.


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4. Take a swim

I only suggest this is you are by a lake or pond while camping. Our dogs love to get in the water and cool off. Taking a swim is a great way to exhaust them and keep them cool in the summer heat, depending on where you’re camping. Always stay alert and aware of your surroundings while your pets are swimming.

5. Play their favorite game or learn a new trick

fetch 300x196 - Tips on Making Your Camping Trip Fun with Your Dog!

Does your pet love to play fetch or frisbee? One of our dogs literally lives to play fetch. We can carry a ball with us anywhere and he will follow us until we throw it for him.

If fetch isn’t your pets ideal game but running around and playing with them is their favorite bonding time, go for it!  Camping trips are great to just play and have a good time. It’s is also a great time to also teach them a new trick or game as well.

I hope you enjoy your camping trip with your beloved dogs. I know we love taking them camping and they love it too. Plus, camping and hiking creates a stronger bond between you and your pets as well as builds your pets confidence levels.

If you have anything you enjoy doing on your camping trips with your dogs that keeps them having fun, please share! We would love to hear!

Don’t forget to share this your pet loving friends and family who also love to camp!

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Tips on Camping with your Dog 1 - Tips on Making Your Camping Trip Fun with Your Dog!
RV Tank Treatment: Comparing GEO Method to Happy Camper

RV Tank Treatment: Comparing GEO Method to Happy Camper

blogtankcover 2 - RV Tank Treatment: Comparing GEO Method to Happy Camper
GEO Method VS. Happy Camper 3 2 - RV Tank Treatment: Comparing GEO Method to Happy Camper

Let’s be real. Living in an RV or traveling even part-time on the weekends with family, your grey and black tanks will hold a lot of gross things and can develop a horrible stench.

There I said it!

It can get extremely stinky when you open those valves to dump both the black and grey tanks. If you RV, you probably already know this. If you’re new, like we were at one point, you will soon find out.

We have found two reasons why your Black and Grey tanks wastewater can smell when the valves are released.

  1.  The vents system is improper and instead of the air being forced out of the pipes, it is getting trapped and seeping through the walls when another source of air or valve is open.
  2. The holding tanks have deposits from either dishes or human waste that needs to be treated and cleaned/flushed.

We are going to discuss number 2. There are many methods on the internet that guarantee to break up the deposits in the tanks to prevent backups and smells. We have tried a multitude of them and will be comparing the two common types many RVer’s turn too.

First, what are your Grey and Black tanks used for?

When we first moved into our RV, we were a bit confused about how things worked. So, don’t worry! It’s a great question to ask especially when you’re new at RVing.

In a nutshell, the Grey Tank(s) holds the water that is used by cleaning dishes, hands, clothes (if you have a washer), and showers. You may think; ‘oh, it’s just the water you clean stuff with, it shouldn’t develop a stench’…..Wrong!

The oils, soaps, and food that drops down the sink from doing dishes and taking showers accumulates and it’s not the greatest smell. These tanks usually hold 35 to 40 gallons before having to release them.

The Black Tank is for human waste from your toilet(s). This is the nasty one. Usually holds 35 to 40 gallons of waste before having to dump.

In case you’re wondering about your City/Clean Water tank, this tank holds usually 40 gallons of fresh clean water that can be used to shower, drink, and flush toilets. This is only used usually when you want to clean out your water system or you plan on being somewhere that does not have the option to hook a hose up to your RV aka ‘Boondocking’ or ‘Dry Camping’.


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Now you know what the tanks are and what kind of waste they hold. A little background on us.

We have lived in our RV for a year now. I remember the first time we dumped our tanks and the smell fumigated the entire RV. It was the kind of smell that made you gag and even Febreze didn’t cover it up. We only get this smell when the tank valves are open! Once they close the smells begins to go away. 

After the second time dumping our tanks, I just couldn’t handle it. I didn’t want to deal with this smell every time we open our tank valves. Therefore, I went to the internet and found that there are actually ‘tank treatments’ that will help break things down and help the horrible smells. Who knew? We were newbies at the time.

Through my research, I found out that Walmart carried a couple of brands specifically for treating your tanks wastewater. These treatments came in nice citrus smells which I enjoyed. However, after using them completely as directed, they did not work. I was frustrated and thought “why are there products that say they “help” but do not actually work?”

Trying the GEO Method …

So I took to the internet once again and found the GEO Method for RV tank treatments. If you don’t know what the GEO method is, it is Dawn Dish soap and Calgon Water Softener. Some choose to include Bleach or Borax with the Dawn and Water Softener.

I would be cautious with bleach in the black tank because urine holds a chemical called Ammonia. When the chemical of Ammonia is mixed with Bleach it will cause a toxic gas. Be Careful mixing any chemicals! 

Now, this method is doable and it did kind of work to help combat the smell but I found that it took a lot for it to cover the smells when we dumped the tanks.

Also, we had to place the mixture in every single time we dumped. Now, this is still a great option and I would still use it if I had to. It’s better than the cheap RV tank treatments by TSP and other brands at Walmart.

Although the GEO method seemed to work ok, there were still times the smell just wouldn’t fully go away. So again, I was frustrated.

I did more research, checked out other Full-time RVers blogs and social media to find out what they used. I found the GEO method again and again until I came across one couple that used “Happy Camper”.

Truth be told, I was skeptical! Why wouldn’t I be? I had tried all the “recommended” store bought treatments and the DIY treatments; so what was so special about this one?

I did more research, read all the reviews for “Happy Camper” tank treatment on Amazon, but I still wasn’t convinced. It took me months of using the GEO method until I just couldn’t take it anymore. The smell when dumping was still horrible, I was tired of using so much Dish Soap and Calgon that my patience was running thin.

Trying Happy Camper…

So, finally caved and made my purchase of “Happy Camper” on Amazon. I felt like I had nothing to lose at this point, and if it didn’t work, I would just send it back.

It only took two days to come in the mail, because we have Amazon Prime. I’m glad it only took two days because I was excited to use the product to see what all the hype was about.

When we received it our tanks were full, so I decided to go ahead and release them, close them, and pour one scoop in the black tank and one scoop in the grey tank, as instructed, with about ½ a gallon of water.

We went on like normal then after about a week, we repeated the process.

Of course, I knew I needed to give it some time to see if it would work. I decided I would use this product for a month to test it out and see if it was everything it says it was on the Amazon description.

(Just so you know, in a months’ time we usually release our tanks once a week, grey tank sometimes twice depending on how many dishes and showers we take. On average it was 6-7 dumps and retreats.)

Did it work?

Now that we have used the “Happy Camper” tank treatment for a month now, I can truly say I am a ‘Happy Camper’. The horrible smell is now under control. I can go into my bathroom and not hold my breath. I can release the tanks without having to worry about the smell fumigating the entire RV. Truly I am amazed that it works.

Not only has it eliminated the smell in our tanks from fumigating our RV when we release them but it’s also all organic. The highly concentrated mineral blend neutralizes the toxic smells in the black and grey tanks without a heavy perfume smell. The treatment works in hot and cold temperatures, is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and completely odor free.

The only negative is it does take a couple of treatments for it to fully start working to combat the smells.

After a couple of times of emptying the tanks and placing a treatment after every dump, it really does make a huge difference. Although it takes a few times to begin combating that smell, once it does, you don’t have to treat the tank after every dump. We now only treat the tanks every other dump.

What is the price? Is it a good value?

As I mentioned, I was hesitant to purchase Happy Camper because of my previous experience with tank treatments and also the price compared to other treatments. It’s not $5 or $10 like the stuff you get from Walmart or Camping world. The smallest tub is about $22 and can go up to a larger tub of $79.

But…. Let me tell you, IT IS WORTH IT!!! We will never go back to another tank treatment.

If you live fulltime in an RV or even RV on the weekends and holidays during the summertime, this tank treatment is a life changer. It keeps your RV from smelling like disgusting sewage and after using the product for a long period of time it will begin to save you money.

You can try it out yourself here!

Comment below let us know which you prefer! Have you tried either the GEO method or Happy Camper? Love to hear your response! Thanks for stopping by! Remember Sharing is Caring!

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GEO Method VS. Happy Camper 3 2 - RV Tank Treatment: Comparing GEO Method to Happy Camper
7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

7 Ideas to Create Extra Wall Strorage in your RV - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV
BlogPost7Ideastocreateextra wall storage - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

Living and traveling in an RV can be chaotic at times. Stuff can accumulate and with the little storage space available it can become cluttered at times. The small space almost always requires better organization.

Living fulltime in our Travel Trailer, we have re-organized our space so many times. Now, that we are expecting our first child, I really am wanting to find some creative ways to use our vertical wall space for extra storage.

We all have bags, keys, hats, and other items that could potentially be hung and stored in a creative way right on the wall. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of great items that would work amazing for extra storage right on your walls.

1. Floating Shelves

I love the look of floating shelves. These work great in the bathroom or bedroom to add some extra shelf storage for miscellaneous items. For RV’s I do recommend getting shelves that have a barrier to hold things in place when traveling.

FLoating Shelf 300x249 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RVcoffeestationfloatingrack 300x288 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

ir?t=exploringnews 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B07JLK5NQL - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

2. Wired Baskets

Wired Baskets are fantastic because it allows a more secure fit for extra items. You can put books, mail, fruit, veggies, and much more in the wire baskets. These baskets are the best for fruits and veggies because it allows space for the fruit and veggies to breath and prevents them from rotting too soon.

Hanging wired Baskets 152x300 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RVHanging Wired Baskets 2 300x260 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

3. Over the Door Organizers

Over the door, organizers are fantastic to add more storage in your pantry, bathroom or closets. Since we are expecting a new baby, they are even great to store all the baby items like diapers, clothes, and much more. The potential for the over the door organizers is limitless. You can use them for extra shoe storage, hat storage, coats, bath products, and so much more. They are definitely worth every penny!

overdoorstorage 161x300 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RVCapture 146x300 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RVshoe organizer 140x300 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

4. Hanging Woven Baskets

I love the look of the hanging woven baskets. They add great style while also creating functionality. When living or traveling in a small space, functionality is key to successful trips. The hanging woven baskets can be used to store a multitude of items including the ones that are less pleasant to look at. We all have a miscellaneous drawer that has everything from birthday candles to pens to tape. The hanging woven baskets are great to items like those.

Hanging Woven Baskets 300x199 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RVHanging Woven Baskets 2 241x300 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

5. Hanging Spice Racks

These are phenomenal to add in the kitchen, pantry, or bathroom area. Our RV actually has a built-in spice rack, however, it doesn’t fit all the spices we enjoy using to cook and bake. The hanging wooden spice racks are great by saving space in your pantry for other food items. Spice Racks can also be used for Bathroom items to add extra storage and organization for all the face and makeup products.

wall stoage 153x300 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RVspice rack 182x300 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RVhaningsprcerack 160x300 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

6. Expandable Peg Rack for Coats/Hats

These always remind me of the ’30s and ’40’s era when men wore fedora hats every day. They are making a comeback and a lightweight option to hang hats and coats on the wall. If you and your significant other enjoy wearing hats and struggles to find a storage option, this is a great idea.

hatrack 300x288 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

7. Command Strip hooks

When living in an RV, hanging anything on the walls can be a challenge. One of the best items are the command hooks. They are great for hanging hats, coats, keys, and even pictures.

command hooks 283x300 - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

I hope you now feel inspired to add some extra storage space in your RV or tiny home by utilizing your walls. They have helped us in so many ways and I know that once we are ready to have our new baby in October, we will utilize more wall storage space for the baby.

If you would like to know where to purchase these items, all images are clickable and directed to Amazon.

If this helped you in any way, please share on Pinterest and other Social Media platforms so others can feel inspired as well! Thanks for stopping by!


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7 Ideas to Create Extra Wall Strorage in your RV - 7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV
8 Fun Rainy Day Activities While RV Camping

8 Fun Rainy Day Activities While RV Camping 4 1 - 8 Fun Rainy Day Activities While RV Camping
FUN RAINY DAY Activities 1 1 - 8 Fun Rainy Day Activities While RV Camping

Rainy days are an all year event, and while most can be predicted with technology and the weathermen there are those times they come at a surprise. Nothing is worse when your RV camping and it begins to rain Cats and dogs outside. Not literally ‘cats and dogs’ but you know what I mean!

Now with the rain, the entire camping trip you had planned with some hiking, bike riding, exploring and maybe even some fishing has been brought to a standstill. What are you and your family going to do now that it’s raining and you’re already all set up at the campground?

Good news! It’s all not a loss! There are always some fun activities you can make sure to bring with you to pass the time. Whether it’s just you and your significant other or you have the kids along for the adventure. So, check out our 8 favorite fun activities to do while waiting for the rain to pass.

1. Puzzles

I absolutely love doing puzzles. It’s surprising how much they can actually teach you on a personal level but also the time seems to fly by with all the concentration that will be happening. I enjoy the large 1000 piece puzzles, but it is always nice to have the smaller 250 or 500 piece puzzles that the whole family can enjoy and complete in a shorter time. No matter the number of pieces, completing a puzzle can bring a great sense of accomplishment for the whole family.

2. Board Games or Card Games

Who doesn’t love a long game of Monopoly? As a kid, this game was epic in our household and we loved taking it places to pass the time. Depending on the age group, of course, there are plenty of board games or card games out there. To name a few is Apples to Apples, Cards against humanity, Poker, Yahtzee, Chutes and ladders, and clue. These are great options to have on hand. Some are for a more mature audience while others are for the younger campers.

3. Movie/Show Marathon with Popcorn/Pizza

We love a good movie or show marathon or as others may say ‘binge-watch party’. The Avengers/Marvel Movies are huge right now and rainy days make a great opportunity to get all caught up. Maybe you enjoy the Star Wars episodes or Game of Thrones. These are great options for movie/show Marathon days. Of course, don’t forget your favorite treats whether it’s popcorn, pizza, candy, or ice cream! Yum!!

4. Get Crafty! Write a fun book/color/draw.

This one is fantastic if you have kiddo’s or if you enjoy drawing/coloring yourself. The kids get to use their imagination while the adults get to step back into the days when their imagination soared. If you do not have kids, adult coloring books are great to pass the time and create a beautiful piece of art.

5. Cook or Bake a fun new recipe

This idea can be great for couples or bringing the whole family together. If you’re in an RV, chances are you have a stove or oven that you cook or bake with. For us, since we are fulltime we make all of our meals and desserts in our RV. This means we have tons of ingredients to be able to make things from scratch. If you don’t have all the ingredients, that’s okay! When it comes to cooking, experimenting can be just as fun as following a recipe. Who knows, you all might create a MasterChef masterpiece.


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6. Go Play in the Rain (As long as there is No Severe weather, of course)

When I was a kid we would go play in the rain all the time! We absolutely loved throwing on our rain boots and jackets to go dance and jump in all the rain puddles. I only suggest this if the weather is not severe. Meaning no lightning, hail, or potential tornados and high winds.

7. Read a good ole book and relax

Sometime Rainy day means now is the time that you can finally relax a little. Our lives are so busy that the rain allows you to slow down. Maybe you’re a reader but with all of the craziness you haven’t been able to open up a good book, now is your chance. So open up that good book, spend a few hours relaxing and lose yourself in a great story.

8. Pamper yourself/ “Me Time”

Paint your nails, make homemade masks, and enjoy a nice hot cup of delicious chamomile tea. Rainy days make a great time for the girls to have some girl time. For the men, enjoy the “me time or guy time” during the rainy days go ahead and play games, research a favorite hobby, or build something.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 8 awesome activity ideas that will help any RV camping trip get through the rain showers. Rain doesn’t have to ruin a good camping trip with the family or significant other. Finding great ways to pass the time, unite again as a family or couple, and enjoy each other’s company is the power that the rainy days can have.

If you have some awesome activities you love and enjoy on rainy days, please share below. We would love to hear!

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FUN RAINY DAY Activities 1 1 - 8 Fun Rainy Day Activities While RV Camping
April 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!

April 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!

April 2019 Goals 1 - April 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!
April 2019 Goals  Our Journey to a debt free life 1 - April 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!

The month of March is complete! I can’t believe how quickly this year is going by. I am a little late on posting this but a lot has been going on. Some exciting news, but not ready to share quite yet!

Let’s get right to it and recap my goals for the month of March! I can already say, it didn’t go as planned and that’s okay! We all have hiccups in life and it takes some time to get back on track. I’m hoping April will be that month!

My goals for March were:

  1. Post a New Quality Blog once a week
  2. Workout 3x a week
  3. Social Media: Pinterest (Gain 100 More followers and create a pinning strategy)
  4. Blog View (Average 180 – 250 Sessions a day)

Let’s dissect the first goal I had in March of posting one quality post a week. Unfortunately, the month of March I failed at this. It was almost like my creative juices ran dry and I just had no motivation to write. I did post a great article called Travel Trailers Overview: A guide for beginners! Although I didn’t post much, I am satisfied with the one I did post!  

On to my fitness goal of working out 3x a week! This I did not complete! I am still doing yoga which is helping me gain my strength back up as well as flexibility. I also started to walk more as long as I was feeling up to it!

banner 250x250 - April 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!

My third goal regarding Social Media was all about Pinterest. The goal was to gain 100 more followers and continue to refine a pinning strategy. I started with 379 followers and I am happy to announce that I now have 463 followers, and averaging 108k Monthly viewers. This goal was almost completed! I still hope to continue to grow my Pinterest.

The Final goal I had was my blog/website views/sessions. I averaged around 80 to 150 a day, and unfortunately, this is still average. Unfortunetly, this goal was not met either! My blogging traffic has actually went down. I know it is because I failed on my pinterest strategy and I did not write very many posts this month. I still get traffic, but it’s not increasing.

This month I realized how important it is to keep up with writing new content, posting and engaging on Facebook Groups and Pinterest. Keeping these in my blogging strategy and posting consistently is key to gaining traffic to my blog.

April 2019 Goals:
Goal 1: Post a new quality blog at least once a week

I am hoping that this month of April I can get back on track and crush this goal! Motivation, motivation, motivation!!

Goal 2: Work out 3x times a week.

This is one very important right now! Working out is going to be very beneficial for me and I am hoping to actually work out 4 to 5 times a week for atleast 30 – 40 minutes.

Goal 3: Social Media

I am keeping my Pinterest goal for April. I know how important this platform is for bloggers to gain traffic, especially with seeing my number decrease after not completing this goal. I would still like to gain another 100 more followers on Pinterest and continue to refine a better strategy for pinning.

I will still continue to use Tailwind, and develop a greater pinning strategy using their software.

Goal 4: Blog Views Sessions

With Google Analytics I will continue to check on my views and sessions per day, as well as, begin to look at my weekly and monthly sessions. I did notice that my session on a monthly average is increasing.

For December (when I signed up for Google Analytics) I had 1.9K sessions. For January, I had 2.5K sessions and for February I had 3.1K sessions. I failed for the month of March and ended the month with only 2.7K sessions.

Therefore, I am needing to focus on my pinning strategy. This will help bring up the blog traffic.

So, I am going to set a monthly goal for April at 3.5K sessions on my blog.


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Goals for our DEBT FREE JOURNEY!

Currently, we are still sitting at Two Credit Cards, 1 personal loan, 1 large student loan, RV loan, and a truck loan averaging about $95K in debt. As much as we want to pay things off, a huge life event has halted that ability for us. It’s life and things happen! We are excited about this year and what is to come. Although we are not able to pay off things quickly as we have planned, we are still saving money and living as frugal as can be.

I am excited about April! As I am writing this post, I am enjoying the amazing 75 degree weather here in Texas. The trees and flowers are blooming, and being able to work outside is a blessing on days like today. I am hopeful that I will get back on track and crush my goals for April!

Comment below, what are your goals for this month? Whether it’s for your blog, business, or lifelike physical fitness or finances! I would love to know and cheer you on!

Sharing is Caring! Check out our other related posts and sign up for our Newsletter for updated post content!

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April 2019 Goals  Our Journey to a debt free life 1 - April 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!

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