Magnolia Market & SILOs in Waco, TX | The Best Road Trip Stop in Texas

Magnolia Market & SILOs in Waco, TX | The Best Road Trip Stop in Texas

Magnolia Market & Silos | Are you a Fixer Upper fan? I know I am!

If you don’t know the show on HGTV called “Fixer Upper” with Chip and Joanna Gaines, I highly recommend checking it out! The first episode aired in April of 2014 and was extremely successful for 5 seasons.

After their first episode aired, a year later (2015) they purchased the Silos and the Magnolia Market in Waco, TX.

Since their purchase of the Silos property, they have transformed and keep transforming the 2.5-acre downtown space into a massive attraction.

It is definitely a SIGHT to see!!

Magnolia Market Fixer upper

Who are Chip and Joanna Gaines?

Chip and Joanna Gaines. HGTV's Home Improvement Stars of the show Fixer Upper.

Read More About them and Photo Credit:

Chip and Joanna Gaines are small-town folks that began taking old houses in their hometown of Waco, Texas, and flipping them for homeowners.

With their unique style and loving family dynamic, they caught the eye of HGTV producers.

Chip and Joanna with their show “Fixer Upper” then stole the Hearts of the American people.

Since the popularity of their show, they capitalized on the opportunity of success. The couple has now made a fortune off their Magnolia brand and their “modern rustic farmhouse” décor style.

Honestly, I feel like they are the reason shiplap walls has become such a huge hit since 2014. They are leaders in the industry of real estate and interior design.

Their décor is sold online at and a home line through Target.

Fixer Upper Show and Their New Network

As mentioned, the show aired for 5 seasons on HGTV starting back in April of 2014. They recently had their 5th baby and called it quits for family time.

However, Chip and Joanna have announced they will be coming back for a 6th season but on a new network, their network. They recently partnered with Discovery Inc, to build their very own Magnolia Network with shows inspired by the Gaines’s creativity.

One show that will premiere on their new network will be a New Season of “Fixer Upper”.

It is expected to launch in 2021.

I know all the Fixer Upper fans are just as excited as I am!


Visiting Magnolia Market & Silos in Waco, TX

On our way back from Austin, we enjoy stopping in Waco to check out what’s new at the Magnolia Market.

This was our second time visiting.

Our first time going to Magnolia Market was back in 2017 when we were on our way back from our Anniversary Trip.

When we first went back in 2017, there was a cool turf yard with balls and bean bags for the kids to play.

They also had a food truck with coffee and yummy snacks. Since then, things have definitely changed for the better!

There is now a coffee shop called “Press” and a Magnolia Home Showroom.

Magnolia Home
Magnolia Home
Magnolia Home
Magnolia Home

What’s at Magnolia Market to Explore?

There are multiple places to stop and explore at Magnolia’s Market including;

  • Magnolia Market at the Silos
  • Magnolia Press
  • Silos Bakery Co.
  • Magnolia’s Home Show Room
  • Magnolia Table (Located off property)
  • Little Shop on Bosque (Located off property)
  • Seed + Supply and Gardens
  • Food Trucks
  • The Lawn in front of the Silos


While we visited in August of 2020, the Seed + Supply and Gardens, Food Trucks, and the lawn in front of the Silos were unavailable.

The lawn was torn apart and looked to be under renovation to expand the area.

That was ok with us because it was mid-August and reaching 108 degrees. The heat made us want to be inside as much as we could.

It turns out, they were going through some major expansion and renovation to the area. Which I could tell was going to be amazing once it was done.

You can check out the expansion plans here.

Even with the construction and fighting the Texas heat, we still enjoyed a delicious iced latte from Magnolia Press.

While enjoying our Iced Latte’s, we explored through the Magnolia Home Showroom and the Market at the Silos.

Side Note: We did not go the Silo’s Baking Co, mainly because the line was too long outside, and it was too hot.

Magnolia Coffee Press
Magnolia Coffee Press
Magnolia Coffee Press

Why it’s a great place to stop

I think the Magnolia Market and Silos is a must-stop if you’re driving through Waco, TX.

It’s a great experience for the whole family and the perfect place to stretch your legs while on a road trip.

As you visit the Market, you will be inspired by the décor on the outside as well as inside. It makes you want to buy everything and redecorate your house, or for us our RV.

There are also plenty of photo ops to take pictures to document your stay.

If you’re a Fixer Upper Fan and love the Gaines’s family, show, and décor style, it is a MUST STOP!!

You won’t regret it!

Magnolia Market
Magnolia Home
Magnolia Home

What we bought…

While visiting the Magnolia Market, we purchased a wood wick soy candle with the scent “Greenhouse” and a coffee mug.

Two items that I know I will use!

If we could afford it, I would purchase everything they have and redecorate our entire RV.

Final Thoughts

Magnolia Market is the perfect place to stop if you’re in Texas. Honestly, as soon as they are done with their hotel, I would love to book a room and spend a whole weekend in Waco.

It is a Bucket-list Sight to see, especially if you’re a Fixer Upper fan!

If you’re not able to stop by in person, you can always visit their website to check out their store online.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and feel free to share this post so others can add Magnolia Market to their Bucket-list.

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Magnolia Market Fixer upper
Magnolia Market Fixer upper
12+ Must Have RV Essentials For New RV Owners

12+ Must Have RV Essentials For New RV Owners

Owning an RV is such an amazing adventure to embark on. According to the RV Industry Association, it is estimated that approximately 10 million Americans own RVs. That is an impressive number and it is continuously growing. So, you are not alone in your RVing journey!

If you are looking to purchase or already own one there are definitely items that are needed that do not come with your RV purchase. Items like leveler blocks and sewer hoses that you just cannot camp or live without as an RV owner.

Now, when we first purchased our RV we had a lot to figure out. However, after the first couple of weeks living full-time in our RV, we quickly realized that we were missing some much-needed items. Items that have now made our living and traveling so much easier, safer, and cleaner!

Therefore, with our knowledge, trials, and expertise as full-timers, we put together a list of accessories we have purchased. We also added explanations on why they are necessary for the RV journey!

So, whether you made your purchase for weekend camping or you are going to be living full-time like us, this list is everything you will need to get started!

Leveler blocks

These are a must! We figured this out the hard way. Our first month of living full-time, the RV was un-level.  It was frustrating, to say the least. We purchased these leveler blocks and made sure on our next site we leveled the tires first. You can also use the blocks under the stabilizers to keep from over extension as well as the front jack. 

Wheel Chocks

These are a safety must to prevent any accidental movements. Many places actually require that wheel chocks are used when you set up any RV or Trailer. 

Power extension cord

The 50amp power extension cord was the first item we purchased after buying our RV.  Where we were parked we needed about 70ft of extension and the 35ft cord that came with just wasn’t enough. Plus, it is always nice to have extra in case one surges out. 

Amp Converter

Every RV Park is going to have different amp plug in options. Many times it is either 30 amps or 50amps. Having a converter is going to save you a trip to the store and allow you to stay at more parks. Our RV takes 50 amps, so we have the 50amp Female/30amp Male.

Drinking Water Hose

This type of hose is a must to have because the material in a regular garden hose can contain unsafe materials/minerals to drink. The Drinking Water Hose is BPA and Lead Free for safer water consumption.

Water Pressure Regulator

Water regulators help control the city water pressure and protects your RV’s Pipes from busting. They regulate the pressure to being a safe 50 to 55 psi.

Water Purifier

We love this because you never know what the water will be like going to camp to camp. Therefore, a purifier to hook up to your hose before the water comes in to your tanks or lines is a nice safety measure for your tanks as well as drinking.

Mattress topper or new mattress that fits in a RV

Let’s be honest, the mattresses that are provided with the RV (unless you custom order) is extremely hard and uncomfortable. Whether you live full-time or camping on the weekends, no one wants to sleep on a rock hard mattress. Therefore, purchasing an RV Mattress topper was a must have for use!


I can’t tell you how many stories I have read about mold in an RV due to humidity! Many times the mold forms near windows and beds especially when it’s cold outside and warm inside. A Dehumidifier can help prevent the build up of moisture and further prevent mold growth.

Sewer Hose

Honestly, no one with an RV should be camping without one. A sewer hose is a must have for safety and sanitary reasons! A sewer hose is designed to hook up to the black and grey tanks output pipes, and then hook to the other end to a dump. It prevents disgusting mishaps and allows one to properly release the tanks waste.

Tank Treatments

Honestly, we have no idea we needed this until the horenduous smells after taking a shower or dumping fumigated our RV. We tried many methods to help with the smell including the GEO method of Dawn and Fabric softener. This does help, but I also highly recommend Happy Camper. It helps break down the waste as well as combat the smells.

Decomposing Toilet Paper

You can buy special RV toilet paper or another kind like SCOTT but whatever you decide you want to use decomposing because is prevents build up and blockage. I have read horror stories of RV toilets and black tanks clogging up due to toilet paper blockage. Therefore, the soft fluffy toilet paper like Charmen is not the best to use in an RV.

Air Compressor

When traveling, this is a must! Before leaving a camp checking the air in the tires should be a priority and having a portable air compressor available is extremely convenient. 

Power Surge Protector

Surge protector can help prevent your RV’s electrical system and appliances from frying from either bad wired power supply at a campsite or Lightning.

Tire Covers

Tire Covers prevent the tire’s rubber from sun exposure that causes them lose the moisture in the tire’s rubber, also known as Dry Rot! Having Dry Rot in your tires can be a disaster on the road. Great preventative measure to have tire covers, especially if you are going to be camped without moving for awhile.

No Sway/Weight Distribution Bars

These are a MUST if you have a Travel Trailer/Bumper pull. Our RV is a 34 ft bumper pull, and having these No Sway Bars was a non-negotiable for us. The guys at Route66 in Oklahoma set them up for us because having them properly installed is extremely important for them to work correctly.

This was the best and most important purchase to make when towing a Travel Trailer. The No Sway Bars prevent the trailer from swaying by gusts of wind while driving, which further prevents overturning your entire trailer and truck.

There you have it! We really hope this list provides some great insight on items that are very useful when owning an RV, whether you are full-time or a seasonal/weekend traveler. All of these items are must for us because they have made our lives of living in an RV easier, safer, and cleaner.  

If you have any suggestions on great items you’ve found or are must haves living the RV lifestyle, please comment below! We would love to here from you!


Winter RV Living: Survive An Overnight Freeze in an RV

Winter RV Living: Survive An Overnight Freeze in an RV

Winter RV Living! Surviving an overnight freeze during the winter in an RV while living full-time, was a first for us in November 2018. We live in Fort Worth, Texas, so while we don’t experience the snow very often, we do get below 32 degrees.

I searched and searched the internet on advice on how to prepare your RV for an overnight freeze, and I just couldn’t find much. Maybe it was what I was searching for, but it was beginning to get frustrating. I did learn how to winterize your RV if you’re going to be storing, but not if you’re living in one.

So, I am writing this blog specifically for those living Full-Time or staying in an RV during the winter who have the same questions I had the day we had a freeze warning. Questions like: What do I do? How to keep my RV tanks and pipes from freezing? Should I get more propane or space heaters or both?

1. shut off the water and cleared the pipes

Our freezes are usually just an overnight affair here in Fort Worth, Texas. So, once it warms up the next day we don’t have to worry about our RV pipes or hoses freezing. Therefore, shutting the water off while we sleep isn’t a big issue. We also made sure we had water bottles or jugged water in the fridge filled and ready to go.

So, the night before (since we did not have a heated hose) we completely shut off our water and detached the RV’s water hose. We then make sure our lines and RV pipes are free of water by turning on the faucets inside to clear the lines. We don’t worry about the water in the water heater because it’s electric and stays warm. If you do turn off your water heater, the best suggestion is to release the water to prevent freezing and ruining your hot water tank.

Another option is to purchase a heated water hose and some styrofoam to cover your pipes for extra insulation. A good practice is to keep your cabinets open in the kitchen and bathroom. This allows the RV’s sink pipes to stay warm.

If you don’t have a heated water hose, you can get one right here at Amazon! So worth it! 

2. Released the Black and Grey tanks

The next thing we did was released our RV’s tanks and kept our valves closed. Now, I did see that it is okay to not release them if they are 1/3 full, and the tanks have a heating element or heating pads that keep them from freezing. However, I always like to be safe then sorry so since we could release them, we did!

3. Stocked up on Propane and bought a space heater

After shutting off water and releasing the tanks, next we set out to check our propane tanks. However, we actually ran out of propane right before the freeze and kind of freaked, so we learned this one the hard way. Luckily, my husband’s brother in law had an extra tank that we could use for the night. Therefore, we didn’t have to run to the store. So, lesson learned, when it’s cold and your Winter RV Living you always want to have extra propane.

Another option if you don’t want to rack up a high bill of propane during the winter months is to buy a space heater. Our RV has an electric fireplace, but even that doesn’t put off enough to heat the whole RV when it below 32 degrees outside. So, having an extra space heater won’t hurt and will save you money on propane.

The best space heaters we have found is this Ontel Handy Heater and the Trustech Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater. It plugs right into the wall and is great for bedrooms or bathrooms. It saves so much space too!

4. Got a Dehumidifier

Another thing is the condensation! With the cold air outside and the warm air inside, this causes condensation on the windows. Over time, if not properly dealt with can cause mold issues. Therefore, purchasing a dehumidifier is very handy and helps prevent future mold issues. This is a must when your winter RV living. Also, we love using the Arm & Hammer moisture absorbers. We place these in the bedrooms, closet, bathroom, and can be put pretty much anywhere.

5. Insulated our RV windows

To keep the warm in and winter out, insulating your windows is recommended because RV windows are usually pretty thin compared to those put in houses. This can be done with bubble wrap, styrofoam, or insulation boards and some velcro or tape. This will also help with the condensation too that can accumulate on your windows. For a quick buy, you can just check out the local hardware store like Lowes or Home Depot.

6. Purchase an RV Skirt

RV skirts are great, especially if you are going to experience snow. These skirts provide protection from wind and debris blowing underneath. They also insult the underbelly of your RV to help further prevent your tanks and pipes from freezing!

7. We Bundled Up!

And last, but not least…BLANKETS! Stay bundled up with blankets, socks, warm clothes, and yes… even gloves! RV’s walls are thin and having extra blankets to stay warm during winter RV living is a must!

Our favorite blankets are wool blankets specifically because that is one of the warmest materials. Wool blankets are great for indoor snuggles or outdoor sitting by the fire. 😊 Also, Don’t forget the Coffee, Hot Tea, or Hot Chocolate for extra warmth!!

So, let’s recap on what we did to keep our RV from freezing and how we stayed warm during our Texas Freeze.

-Turned the water off and clear water lines. (Unless you have a heated water hose. In this case, having Styrofoam for extra insulation on the pipes, open cabinets and keep the water dripping out of the faucet)

-Release Tanks

-Purchase Extra Propane or a Space Heater

-Purchase a Dehumidifier

-Insulate your Windows

-Purchase an RV Skirt

-Bundle up! Wool Blankets, socks, warm clothes! Stay Warm!!

I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope this helps answer some questions on staying warm during a freeze while in an RV. While we make these suggestions, we are not responsible for any mishaps, freezing pipes and hoses, or fires. We do recommend you use safety measures and read your RV’s owner’s manual.

If you have any other tips that have helped you during a Freeze, please leave us a comment! Don’t forget to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter!

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RV – What it is Like to Live Full-Time

RV – What it is Like to Live Full-Time

What is it like to live in an RV? Is it all it’s presented to be on Instagram and Pinterest?

Seriously, when we were making the decision to go tiny I was so in love with the idea that I would be on Pinterest for hours.

I would look at all of the amazing RV renovations and think to myself, how awesome living in one would be. A cozy little home on wheels that just happens to be perfectly decorated. What an amazing way to live!

But is it really like that?

Before we took the leap, we wanted to know what life in an RV was truly like. We learned quite a bit from reading forums, and also from facebook groups dedicated to living in an RV full-time.

We found that the majority of those who opted for the minimalist RV life was truly enjoying it. This not only gave us peace of mind about our decision, but it also helped to fuel the drive to make this dream of ours a reality.

Plus my husband and I loved the idea of a simple life and having less. Personally, Matthew and I believe…

“happiness isn’t in the things you possess but in the moments
and experiences you encounter.”

As I mentioned before, I may have been a little Pinterest and Instagram obsessed during the beginning of our journey. I dreamed of the perfectly organized, cozy, and minimalistic lifestyle that social media presented.

With fewer belongings, I imagined it would be much easier to keep things organized, and simple. But what is living in an RV full-time really like?

So let’s get into it….

What it’s like to live in an RV…

Living in an RV is really cool! At least we think it is! Having the ability to get up and take your home anywhere you want is a sense of freedom that you just don’t get in a house or apartment. Knowing you have the ability to go and travel anywhere, from the Grand Canyon in Arizona one week to the Beaches in Florida the next is exhilarating.

However, if you’re planning on staying at RV resorts there is some planning that has to take place. Many RV parks require reservations ahead of time.

what it’s like Cleaning:

Honestly, it takes about an hour to clean the whole place including dusting, sweeping, mopping, dishes and putting away laundry. Less time cleaning and more time enjoying life.

I hate cleaning and knowing that I don’t have to clean an 800 square foot apartment or a 1,200 square foot house is a stress reliever. Now, we do sweep on a daily basis because dirt and dog hair accumulates a lot quicker in a small space.

what it’s like Hooking up the Trailer:

Hooking up our trailer is heavy work. Therefore, we prefer to have us both working together to get it hooked up properly with our sway bars. We purchased the Husky Sway bars and had the gentlemen at Route66RV in Oklahoma when we purchased the rig, set it all up for us properly.

The bars were a non-negotiable for us when we bought the travel trailer. The reason we have the sway bars is to help keep the travel trailer from swaying from side to side. This swaying could result in dangerous overturning, especially when traveling on flat roads with high winds or passing big 18-wheelers.

what it’s like Leveling:

Leveling the RV is a process that can take either 20 minutes or an hour depending on your site. It helps when you have leveling blocks. Trust me, we didn’t purchase these right away and totally regretted it! After all, we were newbies and we thought we will be fine.

Our RV was unlevel for the first 2 months of living full time. It was uncomfortable and frustrating. Also, not every site is going to have level concrete pads to park on.

So again, these are a must and leveling as best you can is not only good for your RV but also good for you. If you hate things being unlevel like I do, you need to have levelers on hand. We use the block levelers by Camco.


what it’s like Packing:

Packing up the RV to get ready to go on a trip can be time-consuming. We like to have it clean before leaving anywhere. We also have dishes and things that can break, so we have to pack them up with towels or bubble wrap.

There is a total checklist of things that have to be checked, tucked, packed, and taken care of before actually hitting the road. Our RV doesn’t give us access to the Fridge when traveling because of the slides, so we have to pack a cooler to save on food and buying unnecessary road trip food items.

Luckily, we do have a fridge though that runs off electric and stays cool for up to 4 hours, so we don’t have to worry about food spoiling while driving.

What’s the deal with Water?

Water preserving is a learned skill. Shorter showers are a must, turning off the water when brushing your teeth or doing the dishes starts to become a habit. The more water you use, the quicker your grey tank fills up.

Our Grey tank is only 35 gallons and fills up fast. If you are running only from your fresh water tank, you definitely learn to conserve water even more because that is only 40 gallons. So, having water bottles, a water filter in the fridge, and jugged water is a good thing especially if you are going boondocking or traveling.

What it’s like dealing with Black and Grey Tanks:

The emptying of the black and grey tanks can get annoying, but it does become a normal process especially if you are living fulltime and/or boon-docking. Honestly, it is disgusting and stinky!

We always have disposable gloves handy for release days. Our sensors to our tanks have never worked like they did when we first purchased. Therefore, we have learned over the course of living full-time when it is time to release the tanks.

Also, We use to use the GEO method, but we quickly moved over to HAPPY CAMPER. This product is AMAZING! You can read more about our Tank situation and why we recommned Happy Camper on our post : RV Tank Treatment – Comparing the GEO Method to Happy Camper

What it’s like organizing:

Perfect organization takes time and figuring out what you need and what you can go without does too. We still have things that we want to better organize like clothes and miscellaneous drawers. However, we have figured out what we truly need to live comfortably and honestly it’s not a lot.

One benefit of living tiny is having less storage and less wall space because it prevents over shopping. I am a Target Lover!! I love browsing around Target to see all the cute decor items, but I find myself thinking “where am I going to put that?” Less space, less shopping, less money spent on miscellaneous items.

You will Never STOP Learning!!

There is so much to learn about RVing! For example; how to clean out your hot water heater or check and seal your windows and roof.

Always staying on top of things, checking them and providing preventative maintenance is a must when living in an RV.

Driving and having a flat because your tire has developed dry rot is not fun and can be a disaster. We personally have not experienced that, but have heard and read horror stories on Facebook RV groups we are apart of.

Also learning and planning a travel route is a skill and takes time and research. Again, NEVER stop learning!!

I do have to admit, it is a lot like what I imagined but it does come with some lifestyle changes, and the renovation process is time-consuming if you choose to make interior changes. You do, however, come up with some creative ways to store and organize your things. Also, the many items that are not used on a daily or weekly basis end up not having a place in your new RV home.

So, while some things have changed with the way we live, the RV feels like home.

We’ve lived in a nice 1-bedroom apartment after we got married and the RV doesn’t feel any different. We still watch our favorite shows, cook normally on our stove, take a little quicker showers, and enjoy life as we did in our apartment, plus now we can take our home with us anywhere.

I hope this helps anyone looking to go out and buy an RV understand, at least our perspective, on what it’s like to live full time.

Do you live full-time or plan on making the transition? If so, what is it like for you to live in an RV or what do you expect it will be like? Leave a comment below!!

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Our Honeymoon at The Beloved Hotel (Honest Review)

Our Honeymoon at The Beloved Hotel (Honest Review)

Our honeymoon trip was truly an amazing and memorable experience. Staying at the Beloved Hotel was like being treated like royalty. This Hotel is an all-inclusive adult-only dream vacation that didn’t cost a fortune. We were blessed to have this trip gifted to us by Matthew’s Father. The total trip cost including airfare was less than $2500. For a week-long vacation with spa day and airfare, the cost and value were unbeatable for us.

After our amazing wedding of spending time with our family and friends as we became one, we expected the honeymoon to be the cherry on top. We had been waiting for this much-needed vacation for a long time!

Plus, this was Matthew’s first time out of the country! So, I was even more excited for him to experience a different culture.

As we arrived at the Airport in Cancun we easily located our shuttle which was also included in our bundled purchase. The ride was a little cramped, but that didn’t bother us! We enjoyed a shuttled ride with other honeymooners.

As we got out of the van, there was staff waiting to grab our bags as well as hand us a nice cool damp towel to clean our hands and a celebratory champagne. First impressions are everything and they either make or break your entire stay. Our first impression of our honeymoon stay at The Beloved was impeccable.

Check in was a breeze, the staff was attentive and present. Our room wasn’t ready when we arrived, so we decided to explore and have a nice lunch overlooking the ocean. As we ate and explored they held our bags for us. I could already tell this trip was going to be relaxing and after planning a huge wedding, much needed.

Walking through the resort, you can really tell they pay attention to detail and cater to couples celebrating their honeymoons or anniversaries. All couples celebrating received a welcome banner across their doors as seen in the image. The details truly make it memorable and exciting to be celebrating.

Our stay consisted of many days on the beach, delicious all you can eat meals, and continuous flow of drinks. We played life-size chess, kayaked and snorkeled in the ocean. We enjoyed a beautiful relaxing couples therapeutic spa day that was complimentary with our honeymoon trip.

Our favorite night was the special 4-course meal prepared just for us on the beach. Matthew’s father happened to visit the same resort with his wife about a month before and made nice with the Manager. Therefore, when we arrived they had already been preparing a romantic beach dinner for our last night to enjoy at Matthew’s father’s request.

Even without that special dinner, the experience was more than we could imagine and we would go back in a heartbeat. If you are looking for a place to honeymoon, enjoy an anniversary, or just need a vacation; we recommend The Beloved.

Our opinions are our own. People may have other experiences with products, services, or places we recommend. We only recommend products, services, or places we have visited and enjoyed ourselves.

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