RV Renovation Tour | A Rustic Bohemian Home on Wheels with @Our.Own.Beat

RV Renovation Tour | A Rustic Bohemian Home on Wheels with @Our.Own.Beat

I’m so excited to highlight this family’s RV renovation.

Whit and Gui with their 2 kids and 2 dogs live and travel full-time in their remodeled 5th wheel.

Their RV story begins December of 2019 when they decided to rent out their home, sell their belongings, buy an RV, and travel full-time.

Before purchasing their RV, Whit and Gui already decided they wanted to renovate it and make it home.

Looking through their Instagram and pictures of their RV, I like to describe their style as Rustic Bohemian.

rustic bohemian RV renovation tour (1)

The warm earthy tones, the rustic wood trim, and the play with color, textures, and patterns give this RV the perfect combination of Rustic Bohemian.

I think they definitely accomplished their goal by making their RV a cozy and inviting home on wheels!

So check out their RV Renovation and get inspired!

Before Pictures

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After Pictures

Now that you’ve seen what Whit and Gui’s RV looked like before, check out the amazing after pictures.

It is totally transformed from the basic factory decor.

By painting their walls and cabinets, changing out the hardware, and getting creative by building a fold-down island, they made this 5th wheel their own.

Every detail of this home on wheels flows and provides a comfortable feeling of home.

I also love how they’ve created play space for their little ones. So, even when they’re on the road, the kids can still play dress up and more.


After – RV Kitchen

After – RV Bedroom

After – RV Living Room

Final Thoughts

I hope you love this RV 5th wheel renovation as much as I do.

There are so many little details from the custom-built island extension to the gorgeous wood trim on the slides that can bring you inspiration for your RV.

If you’d like to check out their adventures and more of their renovation, go follow them on Instagram @our.own.beat

If you would like to have your RV renovation featured on our Blog, please email me at Nissa@exploringnewsights.com


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rustic bohemian RV renovation tour (1)
rustic bohemian RV renovation tour
24 RV Bathroom Remodels for Inspiration | Before and After Pictures

24 RV Bathroom Remodels for Inspiration | Before and After Pictures

RV Bathroom Remodels are inspiring to say the least. Creating a little Spa in your Home on Wheels is to be desired by many. Being able to shower in a full-size shower or take a hot bath while you’re camping is a luxury.

I think, just because the space is small doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up and make it a bathroom people dream about!

If you desire to create a spa-like RV bathroom that you enjoy while camping or living full-time, then you should make it happen.

Now, I’m guessing that since you’re here you probably are looking for some inspiration on design and decor!

Well, I’m glad to tell you that you’re in the right place. I have searched Instagram to bring you the best RV Bathroom Remodels out there, plus guidance on where you can get the same look for your camper’s bathroom.

Go ahead and scroll slowly to check out these amazing before and after RV bathroom remodels! 


These first three RV Bathroom Remodels are gutted and redesigned by @renovatingrutters. They did an amazing job creating beautiful and unique camper bathrooms to enjoy.


This cute couple from Hawaii but now living on the mainland renovate RVs and what wonderful renovations they have done. These RV bathrooms are incredible! I mean look at the bathtub! To have a soaking bath in an RV is one of a kind!


Bo and Madison from @troopnashville have completed some amazing RV renovations. I previously featured them on our post “30 RV Kitchen Makeovers that will inspire your inner designer”. I’m excited to feature their RV bathroom remodels as well. Check out these awesome before and after renovations.


Another couple who live full-time in RVs and have renovated a few along their journey with their 2 kids. Their style is so beautiful and versatile. You can check them out on their Instagram.

Credit: @rv.renovate


This cute family of 4 live in their fully renovated fifth wheel fulltime. I just love what they have done to transform their bathroom into a workable space for the whole family. You can check out their full reno at @rvsandtrees.

Credit: @Rvsandtrees


I absolutely love this RV bathroom remodel! The neutral colors are perfect and the pops of green add that little extra that makes the space complete.


Check out this next one’s shower! This is a shower that people dream about having in their house and @tiny_modernfarmhouse added it in there RV’s bathroom! What an incredible RV bathroom remodel!


This cute little family is living tiny in their fifth wheel on their farm! I love what they have done to their bathroom and entire RV. You can check out the full renovation here.


Chelsea, her husband, and puppy live luxuriously in San Martin, California in their RV. They have completely renovated the RV Bathroom and what a beautiful job they have done. Check out their full RV renovation here.


This mother of two has done a beautiful job of renovating their RV. Look at this RV with Double sinks in the bathroom. That’s a family’s dream when living tiny! I love their RV bathroom remodel! You can check out their whole renovation @thegrandpoppy3163.

Additional RV Bathroom Remodels

Here is some additional RV bathroom remodels for you to feel inspired by. While there was no before images, the after pictures are incredible!

I hope you enjoyed all of these beautiful RV bathrooms remodels. To remodel and renovate any space is a challenge! However, it is always worth it in the end. If you’re thinking about renovating your RV Bathroom, DO IT!! You won’t regret it!

If you’d like to submit your RV project to be featured on our site, please submit your work to our email on our “work with us” page for more details.

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How to Grow a Mini Garden Inside Your RV Camper

How to Grow a Mini Garden Inside Your RV Camper

How to grow a mini-garden in your RV Camper | With the decline of quality produce found in grocery stores these days, it is no wonder that the topic of gardening and becoming self sufficient is on the rise, even among us RV “full-timers”!

I don’t know about you, but tomatoes and strawberries recently have lost their sweetness and flavor.

With mass production that is aimed at quantity, not quality, chemical fertilizers, and the use of unnatural pesticides, our food is becoming like plastic. Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but in all seriousness, what is happening to our produce?

With all of the readily available information out there about the harm and danger of eating pesticide-laden foods, one would think they would stop using these chemical pesticides and fertilizers!

There are natural pesticides and organic fertilizers that could be taken advantage of, but they aren’t. Shouldn’t organic food be the norm and not the minority?

We don’t need to inject our produce with unnatural things to preserve them or make them grow to crazy large scales, but yet these mass food producers are. And with so few organic farms out there, the prices are more expensive.

The reason is as simple as supply and demand. There is less produce grown organically compared to the demand of the product, therefore, the prices are higher than mass-produced non-organic options.

I’m sure these large scale food producers have explanations to these questions and concerns but are they satisfying answers? Are they enough for you to keep eating the flavorless fruit and vegetables?

Since buying organic is more expensive, what is an alternative? How can we save money and still eat foods that we can feel good about?

Simple! Start growing your own food!

But, if you’re living in an RV, tiny home, or even an apartment… how can you grow your own produce?

Well with today’s technology and a little knowledge of what each plant needs, I think it’s more doable now more than ever!

You can start your very own indoor/outdoor mobile garden!

If you would like to start learning how to garden check out my sister in law’s Youtube Channel “Life on our Micro Farm”! She’s been gardening for years now! Show her some support and subscribe to her channel! 😊

But before you check it out (I will provide another link at the end), here are some tips on how you can start your own mobile indoor/outdoor garden today, plus a list of plants you can start growing indoors.

What does organic mean?

First, let’s describe what it means when something is ‘organic’.

According to USDA.gov, Organic produce is grown in soil that has not been contaminated with any synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

That is not to say they have never had any type of fertilizer or pesticide but the types that have been used on them are organic and approved for organic gardening.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather have my produce grown organically.

Benefits of growing your own produce indoors

Now that we know what “organic” means, lets dive into the benefits of growing your own produce rather than buying from the store.

  • The number one benefit is it will save you money! If you’re someone who enjoys eating salads (Like Me), then growing your own lettuce year-round is a money saver!
  • The number two reason for growing your own produce is because you will have fresh food year round. You don’t have to worry about your lettuce wilting because it will be continuously growing. We will talk more about growing lettuce later.
  • The number three reason to grow your own produce is you will have control over the kind of soil, pesticides, or any chemicals placed on your plants. When you’re growing inside, you actually don’t have to use any kind of pesticides or chemicals.

These sound like three amazing reasons to start your very own indoor mini garden.

What you will need to grow your produce indoors

Growing plants do require some special soil and planters.

  1. Organic Indoor Soil (Check each type of plant you choose for what is best)
  2. Planters or wall planters that have good drainage capabilities
  3. A self grower with fluorescent lights (Optional depending on the amount of sunlight you get inside)
  4. Non-GMO/Organic Germinated Seeds
  5. Spray bottle for watering

Ways to Grow a Mini Garden inside your RV Camper or Apartment

  1. Purchase an indoor grower with fluorescent lights or a hydroponics system. This will allow you to have very minimal upkeep and give you the ability to place your plants anywhere in your home or RV.
  1. If not using grow lights, position your plants per their sunlight requirement in the windows of your RV or apartment. Our Dining table sits where we get the morning sun perfectly. Any plants that need that morning sun will do perfectly by sitting on our table. Some plants don’t require a lot of sun exposure and can be hung on the walls in planters.

Before you start planting your Mini Garden…

Before you start planting, you really need to figure out what type of vegetables and fruits you will eat. There is no sense in planting spinach if you never eat spinach.

Living in an RV means being purposeful with space, so growing what is eaten regularly is key.

Types of Plants and Indoor Growing Tips

Mini-Garden Herbs


Cilantro is a herb that is commonly used in Hispanic and Asian Cuisine. If you love making salsa or tacos, for example, then having fresh cilantro growing is beneficial.

  • Soil: Mix of Indoor planting soil and sand for drainage.
  • Pot: 8 inches deep is recommended because cilantro develops a deep taproot like carrots.
  • Light: Full sun 4 to 5 hours a day preferably morning sun.
  • Water: Cilantro needs to be watered thoroughly with water draining out. When grown indoors, it needs to be watered when the soil is dry to touch.

You can learn more about how to grow cilantro here.


Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs to cook with. I love adding good garlic and rosemary to my chicken or steak. The flavor is just delicious!

  • Soil: Two parts sterilized potting soil and one part sand
  • Pot: 3.5 inches in diameter and depth
  • Light: Minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight
  • Water: Thoroughly water but do not allow the soil to become soggy. 2 inches on top of the soil can be dry and rosemary will thrive.

To learn more about how to plant and care for rosemary, click here. 


Parsely is another great herb to grow indoors and is used is a variety of dishes. I like to top my eggs with a little bit of parsley in the mornings.

  • Soil: Same as other herbs. Good Indoor soil with easy drainage capabilities.
  • Pot: Needs a pot with good drainage
  • Light: 6 to 8 hours of direct south sunlight (if possible).
  • Water: Regularly water to keep the soil moist but not soggy and don’t let the soil sit-in water.

If you would like to know more on growing parsley indoors, click here.


Basil is a very popular herb that is used in a variety of dishes. Italian dishes are the most popular cuisine that you will use basil.

  • Soil: Nutrient-rich soil that’s easy for water to drain through
  • Pot: Choose a pot with good drainage.
  • Light: 6 hours of sunlight to grow properly. If using fluorescent lights, it needs 10-12 hours a day.
  • Water: Keep basil hydrated. Usually, twice a week is a good amount of watering

You can learn more about how to plant and care for basil indoors here.


Mint is an easy herb to plant and is low-maintenance. You can use mint in a variety of foods and drinks including ice cream or mint juleps.

  • Soil: Indoor soil is perfect but doesn’t pack the soil because mint needs the soil to drain easily.
  • Pot: Choose a wide pot for better results with drainage holes
  • Light: Morning sun and partial afternoon light are key.
  • Water: Every 2 to 3 days. Keep the soil moist

If you would like to know how to plant and keep a mint herb thriving, you can learn more here. 

Mini-Garden Vegetables


If you love making salads as I do, then having fresh lettuce growing year-round is so beneficial. Here are some quick tips to grow your own indoors.

  • Soil: Indoor Seed Starting Soil
  • Pot: Choose a post size that is 4 to 6 inches both width and depth
  • Light: Direct Sunlight or Fluorescent light
  • Water: Water when the lettuce wilts. Do not overwater or let soil soak.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can start growing lettuce, check it out here.


Kale is a great choice to grow alongside your lettuce. Many people like to grow these types of vegetables in hydroponic systems because they make caring for lettuce, kale, and tomatoes much easier.

  • Soil: Indoor growing mixture
  • Pot: Good Drainage with 12 inches deep and wide preferably for growth
  • Light: Needs 4 hours of sunlight or 6 under florescent
  • Water: Needs just enough water to moisten the soil. Do not water Log the plant

You can check out more details on how to start a seedling and grow kale indoors here.


Just another salad green that is so good for you! This plant is a great one to plant in the hydroponic system too.

  • Soil: Quality organic indoor potting mix
  • Pot: 6-8 inches deep and wide or you can use smaller pots for each seed
  • Light: Doesn’t need much light and enjoys the morning sun
  • Water: Keep the soil moist but never soggy. Overwatering can lead to fungus

Learn how to grow spinach indoors in a pot from a seedling here.


I LOVE Tomatoes! Having fresh homegrown tomatoes year round sounds amazing! Plus, there are so many different types of tomatoes you can choose from like grape tomatoes.

  • Soil: Good Quality organic soil and fertlize every week.
  • Pot: At least 12 inches deep
  • Light: Requires a lot of light. If you don’t get a lot of light in a window, then this is the plant to use in the hydronic system.
  • Water: Maintain a moisture soil base

To learn more about growing tomatoes indoors, check out more here.



Perfect for RV’s or Tiny living because they are a no fuss kind of vegetable. They usually take 21-23 days to grow until harvest. Radishes are perfect for salads.

  • Soil: Any organic indoor potting soil
  • Pot: 6 inches deep with great drainage to prevent root rot
  • Light: Needs a lot of light 6 – 8 hours a day preferably
  • Water: Don’t let them dry out. Water often and keep the soil moist, not soggy.

To learn more about growing radishes click here.

Mini-Garden Fruit


Strawberries are amazing to eat organically and even better when you grow them yourself. The Alpine Strawberry plant is the best suited for indoor growth. They usually flower and produce twice a year, so although it may not be a constant access to strawberries, it’s wonderful to have fresh strawberries in season.

  • Soil: Indoor Organic soil mix
  • Pot: They have a shallow root system, so Strawberries can be planted in any pot of choice with good drainage.
  • Light: 4-6 hours per day
  • Water: Daily during growing seaso. They love waer but not too much. Don’t over water and cause the soil to become soggy.

To learn more about growing strawberries indoors as a houseplant, click here.

Final Thoughts

Growing a mini garden inside your RV, Tiny home, or Apartment is definitely doable! To have fresh greens growing year-round to enjoy will not only benefit your health but also pocketbook.

I hope this has inspired you to grow a mini garden. Even if it’s just a few herbs or plants inside a hydroponic system, that’s alone is amazing!

If you want to learn more about starting your own garden, don’t forget to check out my sister-in-laws Youtube channel called “Life on our Micro Farm“! Follow, Subscribe and comment/like her videos (See I told you I would give you another link 🙂 )

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RV Wallpaper | How to use peel & stick wallpaper to transform your Camper

RV Wallpaper | How to use peel & stick wallpaper to transform your Camper

RV Wallpaper | So many RVer’s and even home interior designers are embracing a new style and bringing back wallpaper.

For years the idea of wallpaper was a tacky way to decorate because the patterns available were not pleasing.

Well, that was then!

Now, it’s become a great way to add texture, patterns, and character to any space.

Wallpaper has also come a long way with availability to patterns.

Here is some ways you can add wallpaper in your camper to spruce up your campers interior.

Can you use Peel and Stick wallpaper in an RV?

Absolutely, YES!

We used a shiplap peel and stick wallpaper in our RV Bathroom.

Now, the wallpaper we used was white, so we decided to paint the wall ‘white’ before adding the wallpaper.

Just so you know, our walls were beige vinyl before painting them. I noticed when I tried to add the white shiplap wallpaper, the color of the wallpaper become faded. So by painting the wall first, allowing it to dry, then adding the wallpaper allowed the colors to be true.

Tip: Clean your walls before adding the peel and stick wallpaper to ensure the paper sticks and there is no dust. 

Quick note: You can also use an extra spray adhesive for an extra stick (if you don’t plan on removing it). Sometimes if you store your RV, the heat could cause the paper to peel. Although this has not happened to me, I have heard of it happening. 

Can you wallpaper over the RV wallpaper?

This depends on if your wallpaper is a strip or covers the whole wall. If you have a wallpaper strip, it is best to remove that strip from the wall first. The reason being is so you don’t have any uneven lines in your new wallpaper.

Tip: Make sure your walls are smooth before application of new wallpaper

Does Peel And Stick Wallpaper come off easily?

The simple answer is YES! Compared to traditional wallpaper or paint; peel and stick wallpaper is easy to remove and leaves little to no residue.
Peel and Stick Wallpaper is also a better option because it’s quick and easy to install. Plus, the application and clean up are super easy compared to traditional wallpaper. There is no sticky glue or messy paint to deal with.

How to use Peel and Stick Wallpaper

I feel like using the peel and stick wallpaper is super easy. You just have to make sure you have the right tools in order to keep air bubbles from accumulating under the paper.

You’ll want to get a wallpaper tool kit to help you measure, cut, and smooth it out once you apply it to the walls.

I love using the peel and stick wallpaper because you don’t have to deal with the sticky and messy glue.

Applying the peel and stick wallpaper is easy!

  1. Measure the piece of wall
  2. Measure the paper
  3. Cut accordingly
  4. Peel off the backing
  5. Stick on the wall slowly while applying pressure from the smoothing tool to release the air bubbles.

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15 RV Wallpaper Ideas to get you started

Credit: @exploringnewsights | This is our Bathroom!

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In Conclusion

I hope this information and inspiring wallpaper ideas have helped.

Wallpaper is back and it’s here to stay!

Use it as ways to highlight a wall or add your own beautiful style in your RV.

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16 RV Pantry Storage Ideas to Keep You Organized on the Road

16 RV Pantry Storage Ideas to Keep You Organized on the Road

Pantry Storage in RV’s is laughable. I know!

Storing food whether you live full-time or travel on the weekends seems to be a challenge for many.

The new RV’s are getting better at carving out a space for your food and spices, however, not everyone has a new RV.

Maybe you chose to add some TLC to an older RV and are looking for ideas to add storage space. Or, maybe you have a newer RV, but you still would love some better ideas on storing and organizing your pantry foods.

I searched and found some incredible ideas many RVer’s have done to creatively add storage or organized for maximum potential.

RV Pantry Storage Ideas for your Canned Goods

Canned foods are great to have on hand when traveling in your RV. If you have recipes that call for soups or canned veggies, you’ll want to be able to store them properly.

Cans also tend to roll or knock over when driving, so securing them is a great idea. Here are some things you can use to secure your canned goods.

Image Credit: Anonymous

Image Credit: Latisha Dunham

Image Credit: Angie McGoveran

#1 RV Rental Marketplace

RV Pantry Storage Ideas for your Spices

Spices are so important when it come to cooking and baking. We need our spices to bring flavor and joy to the foods we create. There are so many options to store your spices including shelves, magnetic boards, and more. Check out these great ideas from other RVers to storing their spices on the road.

Image Credit: Anonymous FB RV Group User

Image Credit: theALDINerd.com Community/Kalie Marie – Posted in RV Storage and Organization by Paulette Poppin. Original Photo credit: Unknown

Image Credit: Debbra Morhardt

Image Credit: Anonymous FB RV Group User

Image Credit: Amber Corley

RV Pantry Storage Ideas for your Dry Goods and Cereals

Storing cereal and dry goods in the containers they came in can become messy and difficult to stack. So choosing container bins or as you see here, mason jars are a great way to keep your dry goods secure with the ability to keep things organized.

One brilliant idea an RVer did was screwing with nuts and bolts the lids to mason jars under their kitchen cabinets. This makes it an easy and secure way to simply unscrew the jar with the organized good inside. I love the innovation!

Image Credit: Roberta Lane

Image Credit: Abbey Anne

RV Pantry Storage Ideas for Snacks

There are many ideas to store the snacks in your pantry including an over-the-door pantry organizer or bins with labels. If you have chips, you could use binder clips and command hooks to hang the chips on the inside wall of the pantry.

Image Credit: Anonymous

Image Credit: Maruz Terminel

RV Storage Ideas for your Fruits and Vegetables

Keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh is key to making them last throughout your traveling journeys in your RV. Here are some clever ways to add more storage in your RV for your Fruits and Vegetables.

Image Credit: Unknown

Image Credit: The Coulter Clan

rent an rv

Final Thoughts

I hope you feel inspired and you’ve received some ideas to get organized in your RV pantry. Staying organized, especially while you’re camping, will save you time.

Also, don’t be afraid to get creative and build! There are so many RVer’s that have added shelves and tiny pantries in their RV.

To submit your blog or RV ideas and tips to be featured, check out our “work with us” page.

If you found these ideas helpful, please share these great ideas with your friends and family or pin to save for later on Pinterest.

RV Pantry Storage Ideas came from other RVers on the following Facebook Group Pages:

RV Storage Ideas
RV Renovations
RV Exterior/Interior Ideas

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Backyard Camping | Tips to make it a Fun Family Adventure

Backyard Camping | Tips to make it a Fun Family Adventure

When your family needs a vacation, but you’re unable to leave your home then it’s the perfect time to do a little backyard camping.

Currently, we are living in a time where all Americans are ordered to “stay-at-home” due to a virus. This order has halted the travel industry and has prevented families from taking vacations and enjoying life as normal.

Now, more than ever boredom is beginning to set in with parents and children if it hasn’t already.

We may not be able to all go to the stores or movies, but we can still get outside.

Setting up the perfect campsite in your backyard is an easy way to get outside and still stay safe. Plus, if you forget something, you’re still at home!

So, here are some fun ways to set up and enjoy a backyard camping trip with the kids. Get started in making those fun memories, making the most out of this world pandemic situations, while not actually going anywhere.

1. Pitch that tent!

Whether you have an actual camping tent or work on making a homemade tent with some sheets and sticks set it up. This is a great opportunity to either teach your kids to set up a tent or use their imagination in finding things to make a tent. Either way, it gets the whole family involved.

2. Light it up!

If you have tiki torches or patio lights, bring them out and light them up. Even if you don’t have those, but you have some holiday lights, those are a great alternative to add some light around your backyard campsite.

3. Build a Fire Pit

If you already an outdoor fire pit, this is perfect to roast those hot dogs and marshmallows.

However, if you don’t have some flagstones to build one and can’t get some, that’s ok! You can still have the outdoor backyard camping experience without the fire. You can make S’mores and hot dogs inside and eat them outside.

4. Bring out the sleeping bags

Once you have your tent and lights set up, go ahead and make the inside for sleeping cozy and comfortable. You can choose to use sleeping bags if you have them, or (since you’re at home) grab some blankets you don’t mind being outside and bring them into your tent.

5. Air up the Air Mattress

If you plan on sleeping outside go ahead and get out the air mattress so everyone can sleep comfortably.

6. Make some Yummy Treats

These treats of course involve S’MORES!!! The ultimate camping trip sweet treat that almost every kid loves to enjoy. Since you are home, mix it up and try some other S’more recipes like these 7 unique and delicious twists to the classic S’more.

7. Pop some popcorn over the fire

Popping popcorn over a fire can be a great and fun experience. You do have to have a special kind of popcorn maker order to do it.

8. Grill some burgers and hot dogs

Make your backyard camping adventure also a dinner experience. Kids love to roast hot dogs on the fire, and the adults can grill up some burgers.

9. Have a cocktail (Alcohol for Adults only)

Chilling outside is great time to relax and have a mixed drink. Of course, this would be for the responsible adults. However, you can bring out some juice boxes or Hot Chocolate for the kids depending on the weather outside.

10. Have story time

Kids love story time, especially when camping and sitting around a fire or in a tent. Use this time to engage and tell stories of when you were a kid or grab a good book.

11. Set up an outdoor movie

Having movie time outside is a great thing to do with kids that will bring wonderful memories they will cherish forever. If you don’t have a projector, now is the time to invest in one. You will also need a screen or a large white sheet.

12. Sing along songs around the fire

If you’ve got some musical talent in your family, grab a guitar or even a karaoke machine and have some fun. Sing along songs around a fire is great way to bring everyone together.

13. Play a board or card game

Bring out the monopoly, candy land, or cards and play some gold-fish. You can set it up in the tent and all sit around and snuggled in your sleeping bags and play.

14. Have a scavenger hunt

This is one of my favorite activities that kids love to play to get them searching and learning to use new skills by thinking critically. A scavenger can be a simple, “Find something blue”, or “Find something round”.

15. Make a craft

Kids love getting crafty and exploring their creative side. Think of a fun camping craft idea like making camp bracelets or paintings. Whatever you think your kids will enjoy doing.

16. Make Shadow Puppets

This is a fun activity for kids to show off some story telling and hand skills. What kind of animals can they make with their hands? You can also start with a craft and cutting out paper animals, gluing them on sticks, and use them to tell a story once it gets dark.

17. Explore your surroundings

Before you set up camp in your backyard, locate a local hiking trail to extend your outdoor adventure. Hiking is a great way to bring some exercise and nature together for everyone. Also, let your kids dig up some worms or explore the bugs that are safe like rolly polly’s or fireflies.

18. Star Gaze

When the sun goes down, turn off the lights and just look up to the sky. Try and find the different constellations. If you have a Telescope, now is the perfect time to put it to use.

Additional Tips for Backyard Camping

Don’t forget the bug spray. Whether you make your own or purchase some from a store or online, keeping the bugs away even in the backyard is essential. If you’re looking for some good Deet Free Bug repellant check out our post on “The Best DEET-Free Bug Repellant”.

Also, before planning your back yard adventures, you want to consider the ages of your children. What activities and adventures will keep them having fun and enjoying the adventure?

Final Thoughts

I hope you use this time to create an adventure even if you are stuck at home. Memories can be made no matter where you are at.

Please share this with other families so they can create their own home camping adventures.

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