16 RV Pantry Storage Ideas to Keep You Organized on the Road

16 RV Pantry Storage Ideas to Keep You Organized on the Road

Pantry Storage in RV’s is laughable. I know!

Storing food whether you live full-time or travel on the weekends seems to be a challenge for many.

The new RV’s are getting better at carving out a space for your food and spices, however, not everyone has a new RV.

Maybe you chose to add some TLC to an older RV and are looking for ideas to add storage space. Or, maybe you have a newer RV, but you still would love some better ideas on storing and organizing your pantry foods.

I searched and found some incredible ideas many RVer’s have done to creatively add storage or organized for maximum potential.

RV Pantry Storage Ideas for your Canned Goods

Canned foods are great to have on hand when traveling in your RV. If you have recipes that call for soups or canned veggies, you’ll want to be able to store them properly.

Cans also tend to roll or knock over when driving, so securing them is a great idea. Here are some things you can use to secure your canned goods.

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RV Pantry Storage Ideas for your Spices

Spices are so important when it come to cooking and baking. We need our spices to bring flavor and joy to the foods we create. There are so many options to store your spices including shelves, magnetic boards, and more. Check out these great ideas from other RVers to storing their spices on the road.

RV Pantry Storage Ideas for your Dry Goods and Cereals

Storing cereal and dry goods in the containers they came in can become messy and difficult to stack. So choosing container bins or as you see here, mason jars are a great way to keep your dry goods secure with the ability to keep things organized.

One brilliant idea an RVer did was screwing with nuts and bolts the lids to mason jars under their kitchen cabinets. This makes it an easy and secure way to simply unscrew the jar with the organized good inside. I love the innovation!

RV Pantry Storage Ideas for Snacks

There are many ideas to store the snacks in your pantry including an over-the-door pantry organizer or bins with labels. If you have chips, you could use binder clips and command hooks to hang the chips on the inside wall of the pantry.

RV Storage Ideas for your Fruits and Vegetables

Keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh is key to making them last throughout your traveling journeys in your RV. Here are some clever ways to add more storage in your RV for your Fruits and Vegetables.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you feel inspired and you’ve received some ideas to get organized in your RV pantry. Staying organized, especially while you’re camping, will save you time.

Also, don’t be afraid to get creative and build! There are so many RVer’s that have added shelves and tiny pantries in their RV.

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7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

7 Ideas To Create Extra Wall Storage In Your RV

Living and traveling in an RV can be chaotic at times. Stuff can accumulate and with the little storage space available it can become cluttered at times. The small space almost always requires better organization.

Living fulltime in our Travel Trailer, we have re-organized our space so many times. Now, that we are expecting our first child, I really am wanting to find some creative ways to use our vertical wall space for extra storage.

We all have bags, keys, hats, and other items that could potentially be hung and stored in a creative way right on the wall. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of great items that would work amazing for extra storage right on your walls.

1. Floating Shelves

I love the look of floating shelves. These work great in the bathroom or bedroom to add some extra shelf storage for miscellaneous items. For RV’s I do recommend getting shelves that have a barrier to hold things in place when traveling.

2. Wired Baskets

Wired Baskets are fantastic because it allows a more secure fit for extra items. You can put books, mail, fruit, veggies, and much more in the wire baskets. These baskets are the best for fruits and veggies because it allows space for the fruit and veggies to breath and prevents them from rotting too soon.

3. Over the Door Organizers

Over the door, organizers are fantastic to add more storage in your pantry, bathroom or closets. Since we are expecting a new baby, they are even great to store all the baby items like diapers, clothes, and much more. The potential for the over the door organizers is limitless. You can use them for extra shoe storage, hat storage, coats, bath products, and so much more. They are definitely worth every penny!

Over the Door OrganizerOver the Door Basket OrganizerShoe Organizer over the door

4. Hanging Woven Baskets

I love the look of the hanging woven baskets. They add great style while also creating functionality. When living or traveling in a small space, functionality is key to successful trips. The hanging woven baskets can be used to store a multitude of items including the ones that are less pleasant to look at. We all have a miscellaneous drawer that has everything from birthday candles to pens to tape. The hanging woven baskets are great to items like those.

Hanging Woven Baskets for Extra Storage

5. Hanging Spice Racks

These are phenomenal to add in the kitchen, pantry, or bathroom area. Our RV actually has a built-in spice rack, however, it doesn’t fit all the spices we enjoy using to cook and bake. The hanging wooden spice racks are great by saving space in your pantry for other food items. Spice Racks can also be used for Bathroom items to add extra storage and organization for all the face and makeup products.

6. Expandable Peg Rack for Coats/Hats

These always remind me of the ’30s and ’40’s era when men wore fedora hats every day. They are making a comeback and a lightweight option to hang hats and coats on the wall. If you and your significant other enjoy wearing hats and struggles to find a storage option, this is a great idea.

Wooden Peg Hat Rack

7. Command Strip hooks

When living in an RV, hanging anything on the walls can be a challenge. One of the best items are the command hooks. They are great for hanging hats, coats, keys, and even pictures.

Command Hooks

I hope you now feel inspired to add some extra storage space in your RV or tiny home by utilizing your walls. They have helped us in so many ways and I know that once we are ready to have our new baby in October, we will utilize more wall storage space for the baby.

If you would like to know where to purchase these items, all images are clickable and directed to Amazon.

If this helped you in any way, please share on Pinterest and other Social Media platforms so others can feel inspired as well! Thanks for stopping by!

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