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Where do I even begin…. well let’s start when Matthew and I met. It was Winter of 2014, and we actually met online with a dating app. We matched up and begun to exchange messages. Over the course of two months of talking, we decided to finally meet in person.

Our First Date: It was a Cold Saturday night in December, I thought about messaging him and saying I couldn’t make it. However, I got this feeling that I had to go meet him and bailing would be a mistake. Crazy thing, he was going to bail on me too! Lol (Ps. Meeting someone in person that you met online is terrifying, be careful, and do your research!) Luckily, Matthew was a good one, but I still took some necessary procedures to ensure my safety. We met in between our two cities. I drove myself and he drove himself to a little place called LSA burger in Denton, TX.

He gets there first and gets a table. I remember walking up the stairs to the second floor where they had booths overlooking the bar area searching for a guy in a blue shirt. My heart pounding, I was trying so hard to keep my cool worrying if my makeup looked okay. I saw him, sitting in a booth and honestly I can’t remember if he got up to greet me or if I just sat down, that’s a little bit of a blur.

The night went on, we had dinner and drinks. Talked about our lives, interests, and family. After dinner, we decided to extend the night, check out a few bars and have another drink. After a couple drinks, good conversation and me beating him at darts, he walked me to my car, gave me a hug and said “I’ll text you”. I thought “ok, we will see. The typical I’ll text you speech”.

In a Relationship: Spoiler, lol, He did text me! We had to wait until I got back from family vacation in Broken Bow, OK to see each other again. We went on more dates, we encouraged each through our college courses, he helped me pack my apartment to move in with my brother and his family. We became official end of January. He took me to a Texas Rangers baseball game and then surprised me with a trip to San Diego for my birthday in June. That trip he told me he loved me and then that September we decided to get married. It truly was “when you know, you know”.

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My whole relationship from my perspective has been unique and unlike any other relationship I had ever had. We were all in for each other. I trusted him with my heart knowing he had no intentions to keep searching for other women’s affection. That’s why when we were driving back to my place in the middle of a conversation he says “ why don’t we get married?” I paused for probably about a minute and said “wait, are you serious?”. That was it, right there we decided to get married! Yes, we had only known each other for 9 months, we met on Tinder, and there was no fancy proposal with hidden cameras.

Our Happily Ever After: We had an incredible wedding September of 2016. It was a dream come true and everything I imagined. After marriage, there came some pressure to settle down, get into a career, and have babies. Except that wasn’t us. We wanted different things then the house and babies after marriage. Nothing wrong with that, it just wasn’t our heart’s desire. We wanted freedom, no 9-5 job, and the ability to get up and travel whenever we wanted. So we decided to buy a truck and RV. 

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It took us 6 months of living with my parents to pay some things off and to buy the truck and RV. We couldn’t have done it without them and good credit. April of 2018 is when we got the RV and began our journey as fulltime Rver’s. We weren’t ready to just hook it up to the truck and go yet because there’s a thing called money that we still relied on monthly.

I worked a travel agency on the side, worked fulltime as an Assitant property manager and he continued bartending. I applied for a remote position and about three weeks of stressing and interviews, I got the job!

Yay!!! Steady income monthly working from anywhere as long as I had WiFi was a dream that came true! After getting the job, we decided to move the RV to Matt’s sister’s house on their fenced-in land. We aren’t traveling fulltime, because in November 2019 we welcomed our beautiful son into this world. Our work situations have changed and we are ready to buy a house and settle with our growing family, but our passion for travel and simplicity remains the same.  We hope you follow along as we share our experiences, favorite places, and sights that this beautiful country has to offer.


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    I love real love stories like yours as I, too, love sharing ours. I also love the idea of RVing since me and my husband were talking about it for our retirement plan (15 years to go) or maybe sooner, we’ll. I’m excited for you and look forward to your adventures!

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      Hi Jona! Thank you so much! RVing is such a great adventure! Thank you for following!

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    Love your story! My husband & I met online too! We’ve been full time RVers for 4 years.

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      Thank you so much, Julie! So wonderful to meet others who met online as well as full-time RV! <3 We love the lifestyle!

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    That’s such a sweet story! Warms my heart and inspires my soul <3

    • d427cbfb7a16a9d514403ba87cb5005f?s=80&d=mm&r=g - Our Story

      Thank you so much, Heather! <3


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