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Camping with your dog or dogs should always be an enjoyable experience. However, camping season is smack dab in the hottest time of the year for most people, depending on where you live. Since your Dog’s fur acts like a sweater or coat for them, high temperatures can cause a numerous amount of problems. The last thing you want to do is rush your beloved pet to the vet for a heat stroke or exhaustion. 

We know first hand about having a dog who overexerts himself to the point of having seizures. He would play fetch until his muscles gave out and would seize from being overheated. We have now learned and have been working with him to calm down and rest.

We have learned many lessons by having three dogs, therefore, we make sure that when we camp, we take these must needed essentials.

These essentials are to keep your pets happy, healthy, and enjoying the trip as much as you and your family. 

They include more than the ability to keep your dog cool during the heat of the summer. They include keeping your dog safe from predators, pests, and more. So, let’s get to it… 

1.  Extra Water and Collapsible bowl

These bowls are amazing! I seriously wish I came up with the idea. Whether you are camping, going to the dog park or on a gorgeous hike with your beloved pet, water is a must. However, no one wants to lug around a bowl that just gets in the way. If you own a dog, these are a necessity!! 

Another great product to add to the bowls is the Pet Cup. This allows you to bring extra food and water specifically for them and are great for day hikes. They also keep you from having to share your personal water because you need to stay hydrated too! 

Both are great purchases if you’re camping and planning on hiking with your dogs. (Images are clickable and will send you directly to Amazon)

2. Doggy Travel Bag 

Dogs can be somewhat like children because they require a lot of things like toys, food, and treats. These items can easily be forgotten when packing for a weekend getaway camping trip. The last you want to do is to get to your campsite and realize you forgot the dog food. These bags are super handy to keep the dog’s items all in one place together to ensure you don’t miss a thing. 

3. Hiking/Camping Dog Backpack

Don’t carry your pet’s stuff for them on hikes. Seriously, most dogs love to work and placing a doggy backpack on them stimulates their brain in a great way. Dogs like to feel like they are working and contributing as a pack member. 

These backpacks allow them to do just that by carrying their own water, food, and bowls for rest time. Plus, it frees you up from having to carry their stuff and your stuff while hiking and/or camping. 

4. Tie Down/Rope/Portable Fence and Leashes! 

For most, if not all campsites and national parks, having your pets on a leash or contained is a must. In many places, it is actually the law. Making sure your pet is tied down, behind a fence, or always on a leash is protection for them as well as others.

I can’t imagine losing one of my dogs in the wilderness and not knowing what could be out there that could hurt my pet. It’s also safety from other pets attacking your pet. I have heard of many stories of dogs getting into fights simply because the owner did not have the pet on a leash. Safety, Safety, Safety!

5. Tick/Flea Medicine

Summertime is camping time for many people. This is also the time of year where your ticks, fleas, and mosquitos come out to play as well. These pests can wreak havoc on your beloved animals as well as yourself. So having some type of protection whether it’s a collar, spray, or a monthly pill like my dogs take is essential. Whatever you choose for protection, just know something is better than nothing! 

6. Dog Bags

I know, when your camping it’s easy to think that you’re in the wilderness and there are so many other animals out there doing their business, so why would you have to pick up your dogs poo? Well, it just a simple courtesy for the next campers that choose that spot. Also, if you’re RV camping it’s usually apart of the camp’s rules.

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7. Pet First Aid Kit 

This one is important! You never know what could happen during a camping or hiking trip. There are many sharp rocks and objects that could cut your dogs paw or legs. They could get an allergic reaction to some type of plant or bite. The list could go on and one, therefore, having a pet emergency kit is super smart to always have handy.

9. Outdoor bed or blanket 

If your pet is an inside dog and a little too spoiled like ours, sleeping on the ground at night just doesn’t cut it. Even if it’s not a fancy blanket or bed, having something so they don’t have to lay on the hard dirt outside is nice.  We always bring a blanket for them to sleep on at night in the tent. 

This list is a lifesaver when camping with your pets! Keeping your dogs safe and happy will make them love the outdoors even more. Plus, it gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy the trip as well! 

I hope you use this list and have an amazing camping trip and summer with your family and pets. 

If you found this list helpful, please leave a comment! I would love to hear! Also, don’t forget to share with your fellow dog owners. Thanks for stopping by! 

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Exploring New Sights is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases linking to and affiliated links.

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