RV Internet: How we get internet in our RV (+Cell Boost)

RV Internet: How we get internet in our RV (+Cell Boost)

RV internet

Are you moving in to an RV and need Internet?

Maybe you are planning to travel in your RV, Bus, or Van and are desperate to find an afforable way to get internet.

Well, you’re not alone!

There are so many things in modern society that you need internet for. For example, if you like to stream your shows on Netlfix, Disney +, Hulu, and like to play video games or maybe you need it for work to stay connected and earn that income. If so, then having internet and great connection is a NECESSITY!

There are so many options out there that it can become overwhelming and frustrating to say the least.

I remember when we were trying to find the best internet for RVer’s. I was searching for an option that was reliable and didn’t cost us an arm and a leg.

After all, living in an RV was a chance for us to save money.

So, we went searching, read a ton of blogs on how others get their internet on the road. Some, however, were just way to expensive. Others didn’t provide us with the amount of speed and data that we needed. The first option we tried was the Verizon Jet Pack.


This option was recommened by many RVer’s. So, we signed up for it, received 15 gigs for like $100 a month. We used that 15 gigs in less than 3 days. Then it tethered horribly! We couldn’t even stream a show on Netflix or load a webpage on our laptop.

That was not going to work! I was frustrated and panicked. WE NEEDED INTERNET!!

Afterall, I had just been hired to work remotely for Avoya Travel as a Mastermind Assistant and I needed more data.

What were we going to do? I mean, we were already living in the RV.

So, I returned the device and got my money back for the Verizon Jet Pack.


Then, one day I was speaking with my brother and he told me about a device from At&t that’s similar to a hotspot but it works like as another line on your data plan.

So, I started to do my research and found that I could purchase this device for $100 or set up a payment plan, and it would be added as another line on to our already existing plan for only $20 a month. We already had unlimited data with our phones, so it was a no brainer to just add another line.

The device we received is called the “Paramount Black”. It is considered one of their Wireless Internet devices. You can check out the link on our Resources page here. 

The device uses Cell Signal to provide you with WiFi, just like your phone uses Cell Signal when WIFI is unavailable. Therefore, if the cell service in certain areas is bad, chances are so is your WiFi connection.

This wasn’t a big issue for us because I knew there were great ways to get around that and boost cell signal.


So, now that we had internet, we needed to make sure we were going to have great signal anywhere we went. Through all my research in searching for the Best internet for RVer’s, I noticed a lot of RVer’s purchasing the WeBoost Cell Signal package from Amazon.

After talking it over with my husband and recognizing our need to good cell service/wifi, purchasing the WeBoost Cell Signal booster was a done deal.

I mean, when you need Internet and good cell signal to earn an income, it becomes a necessity.


With the At&t Paramount Black and the WeBoost Cell Booster combined, we have great RV internet service. Currently we are in the rural area where getting signal can be scarce, however we have had no issues. It was the best combination of devices and it was so easy to set up!

Currently we run about 300 gigs a month between our two cell phones and the Paramount Black WiFi device. The internet costs us $20 a month as an additional line on our already existing cell phone plan! I am still so glad that I returned that Verizon (steal your money) Jet Pack.

If you’re considering purchasing a cell booster for your RV, the WeBoost is the way to go! It has paid for itself over the last two years we have used it. It is recommended, not only by us, but by so many other RVer’s! You can take a look at some of the reviews;

So, if you’re looking for an RV internet option and/or need to boost your cell signal on the road the “Paramount Black” from At&t is a great option and the WeBoost is highly recommended.



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