Must Have Baby Items For Your RV

Must Have Baby Items For Your RV

Baby Items for RV living became something we searched for when we found out we were pregnant.

I’m assuming since you’re here, you are pregnant or trying to have a family and needing some ideas on what you can bring in your RV.

Our Baby journey began in March of 2019, almost exactly 1 year of living in our RV.

It was the biggest surprise of our lives!

We were excited and scared all at the same time.

You know that feeling, I’m sure.

I never imagined that I would be living in an RV when we would bring our first child home.

Must Have RV Gear for Baby
We got a lot of crazy questions like “where’s he going to sleep?” Or “where are you going to put the changing table”? Or “how are you going to rock, you need a rocking chair”

I have always been the type that works with what I have and I make it the best. So, my answer to many of them was “we will make it work to our needs”!

For months I went searching because I’m a huge researcher! I have to figure things out. It’s just a natural instinct of mine.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find much on living with a baby in a tiny RV or tiny home. I wanted to know what others have found to be useful and practical. However, my research on this subject failed.

So I had to figure out what a baby needs and buy only those items. Bonus if they were multipurpose!

Our Baby Boy was born November 17th, 2019, and this is is everything I have found to be worth every penny and useful for living in a RV camper with a baby.

RV Baby Cribs & Sleeping Options


Tiny Crib

Tiny Cribs are so wonderful for RV living. This crib is the origami mini crib by Babyletto. If your looking for something lightweight, foldable, and esthetically pleasing then this crib is your answer.

4 in 1 Pack and Play

Graco 4 in 1 Pack and Play with bouncer is exactly what we purchased. We love it for its multi-purpose capabilities. The bouncer was fantastic when he was a newborn, and the bassinet area is great for nap time, playtime, and tummy time.

There are many other options of pack and play’s you can purchase that will serve great purpose when you have a baby in an RV. 

Baby Delight Go With Me Slumber Bassinet

The baby delight Slumber Bassinet is a wonderful option for a compact travel sleeper for your infant.

Many RVer’s love this option because it’s easy to fold up and put away when the baby isn’t sleeping. It’s a great RV baby item!

Doc a tot

Doc A Tot’s are fantastic for co-sleeping. If you plan on having your baby in the bed with you, then having a doc a tot, or something like it, it a great option for safe co-sleeping.

It’s great if you live in an RV because some RVs just don’t have space for a crib or pack and play. So having your baby sleep with you safely is a good option.

Side Sleeper

We actually got a side-sleeper. Although it’s designed for a safe co-sleeping option, we placed the side sleeping on a homemade platform for him to sleep in when he was a newborn.

RV Baby Items for Playtime


We have a Mamaroo, although it does not necessarily travel-friendly it has been an amazing investment. We are stationary so it’s perfect for us. If you’re traveling, however, I would check out the Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing.

ingenuity convertMe Travel Swing

This Travel Swing is fantastic if you plan on traveling in your RV because they fold up and are lightweight. Perfect for babies up to 20 lbs.


Some type of Playground like the Yookidoo Baby Gym Activity mat is great. We have one and we put it in his playpen. He loves grabbing the toys and looking at all the colors.

Bumbo Seat

When your baby begins to really hold his/her head up, then having a Bumbo seat is so helpful. It’s compact and you can move it inside or outside. It allows your baby to sit up when they aren’t able to yet on their own.

We have a green one, and Love it! It’s great to RV living with a baby.

RV Baby Items for Eating

Easy Seat Portable High Chair

When your baby gets to the age of sitting up and eating solid type foods, having this easy travel high chair is so convenient. It’s also great if you have a table and chairs in your RV. It means you don’t have to buy a separate high chair and can use the existing furniture in your RV.

Summer Infant Pop n’ Sit Booster

When traveling in your RV, this is another great option for baby items to have in your RV. This Booster Chair allows for easy storage, it’s lightweight and great for your infant whether they are playing for eating.

Summer Infant Pop n’ Sit Portable High Chair

If you’re looking for something that is higher off the ground and at table level, but still easily portable with a tray than this High Chair great. It gives you the ability to easily store or pack up and go. Perfect for living in an RV with a baby!

RV Baby Items for Bath time

Stokke Flexi Portable Bath w/Heat Sensitive detection

The Stokke Flexi Bath is a great option for Rv’ers because it’s collapsable and gives you the ability to use it while your child grows.

It also has a bonus feature of heat detection to make sure the water is okay for the baby.

Final Thoughts

I hope these RV Baby Items help you as you prepare to live or travel in your RV. They have served us well!

Any baby item that is lightweight and has the ability to fold up is perfect for the RV life.

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Must Have RV Gear for Baby

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