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5 Tips on Creating the Perfect Budget

Creating the perfect budget doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. But first, what is a budget? A budget is just creating a plan for your money. Kind of like how you create a plan to write a paper or create a plan for a day of fun. A budget is similar. Now,...

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Why Creating A Budget Is So Important!

Do you feel like you’re always living paycheck to paycheck? Often find yourself with overdraft fees?  How about owing money on loans and credit cards? Is your savings account consisting of less than 3 months of living or maybe you don’t have savings at all? If you...

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Hi! We are Matthew & Nissa Haight. (Pronounced ‘Height’). We are married, living the fulltime RV life, and now parents to a wonderful little Boy. We blog about the RV Lifestyle, Camping, Hiking, and all things Travel. Thank you for stopping by! Don’t forget to follow us and subscribe!


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