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May 2019 Goals Blog - May 2019 Goals: Blogging, Writing, and More
May 2019 Goals Pin - May 2019 Goals: Blogging, Writing, and More

We have some exciting news to share…..

We are expecting our first little bundle of joy due this October!

These last few months have been difficult to focus on blogging, writing, and pretty much anything else but sleep. I am currently now in my second trimester but the first was a little difficult. All I wanted to do was sleep and did everything I could to keep the nausea away.

I am now in week 14 of pregnancy and I finally feel like myself again, just a with a little more belly. I’m growing every day and I imagine every day what our baby will look like. It’s such an exciting time, but it has also pushed back our abilities to pay off our debt and travel.

With babies and pregnancy comes a lot of appointments, therefore we will be stationary for another year here in Texas. I can’t complain! We are surrounded by our loving family that is so willing to be there and help with anything we need.

On to blogging and goals….. now that I feel like myself again I have to put more focus on writing. With that being said I will be adding another category on “Camping”. I have been camping since I was just a few months old. I don’t remember, of course, but there are great pictures of my dad feeding me by the campfire.

Camping has been a huge part of my life and I really want to share my experiences along with Living in an RV.

So let’s discuss this months goal. As you can see I switched up the title a little bit because focusing on paying off our debt has been placed on the back burner. So now I will turn my focus on my blog and writing. 

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May 2019 Goals:
Goal 1: Post a new quality blog at least once a week

I really want to post more than once a week, however, from my past, it tends to stress me out with work and other things life throws at you. Therefore, posting once a week is a good goal.

I did have it set to post on Tuesday’s, however, that stressed me out. It felt like I was back in school and there was always this deadline. The deadline almost made me love my enthusiasm for blogging altogether.

I enjoy blogging, writing, and being creative, but not when I feel forced. So I don’t have a set date in which I will post, but more when I feel like it! I want to blog to be fun and enjoyable!

Goal 2: Social Media

Social media in any business or blog these days are a necessity. For Blogging, I know Pinterest is highly recommended and needed to gain traffic. So I will focus heavily on Pinterest and utilizing Tailwind to schedule my posts.

I also am apart of an amazing group on Facebook of fellow bloggers that I intend to utilize heavily for traffic and comments.

Goal 3: Research the best ways to promote a blog

If you want to get anywhere in life, you have to promote yourself, your business, or in my case my blog. I know there are other platforms to promote new posts too, but I haven’t done very extensive research. I will research and find the best couple sources to post new blogs that will be beneficial to m niche.

Goal 4: Blog Views Sessions

Since I slowed down on writing the last two months due to the pregnancy, my traffic on my blog has decreased. I stopped writing as much, I stopped my Pinterest strategy and stopped using tailwind and Facebook to gain traffic. I saw my traffic drop, therefore, what I was doing was working. So hopefully this month things will turn back around!


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So Let’s Recap! My goals for May are:

  1. Post a New Quality Blog once a week
  2. Social Media: Pinterest (Gain 100 More followers and create a pinning strategy) and really utilize Tailwind. Post more on Facebook blogging groups I am apart of.
  3. Research other ways to promote my blog
  4. Increase my Blog Views (Average 180 – 250 Sessions a day)

I am ready for this month of May! I have some great ideas now that my energy and creativity are back. It’s time to grow this blog and grow this little bundle of joy at the same time!

I also plan on posting future ideas on camping and RVing with babies and how to prepare! That is to come later this year! Stay tuned and up to date by signing up for my newsletter!

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May 2019 Goals Pin - May 2019 Goals: Blogging, Writing, and More

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