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YOU BUY 2 - March 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!
RV Travel Lifestyle Blog 3 2 - March 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!

The Month of February is complete, so now it is time to recap on my monthly goals and set new ones for March!

My goals for February came with a greater understanding of what I can handle with my full-time job and overall busy life.

Good thing is, I did not get sick in February as I did in January. Therefore, obtaining my goals was a little easier. Let’s recap on February’s goals;

My goals for February were:

  1. Post a New Quality Blog once a week
  2. Workout 3x a week
  3. Paint the RV Bathroom
  4. Social Media: Pinterest (Gain 100 More followers and create a pinning strategy)
  5. Blog View (Average 180 – 250 Sessions a day)

Let’s dissect the first goal I had in February of posting one quality post a week. I am happy to say that I crushed this goal! I am very satisfied with the content that was published. With working Full-time, I felt more at ease posting and writing one blog a week. It allowed me more time to really focus and write quality posts.

On to my fitness goal of working out 3x a week! This I completed! I started doing more yoga which has helped gain my strength back up as well as flexibility. Yoga 3x a week is easier than jumping into P90x or Insanity right now. I also started to recognize the pain in my left shoulder and hip has become easier to manage and most days there is no pain. Yoga is really benefiting me!

Painting the Bathroom! YEP! I did it! First I placed the TiC TAC Tile as the backsplash behind the sink, then taped and painted! So happy with the results!

banner 250x250 - March 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!

My third goal regarding Social Media was all about Pinterest. First I realized that Pinterest is not actually ‘social media’, but more of a search engine. The goal was to gain 100 more followers and develop a pinning strategy. I started with 210 followers and I am happy to announce that I now have 379 followers, and averaging 150k Monthly viewers. This goal was completed! I hope to continue to grow my Pinterest.

The Final goal I had was my blog/website views/sessions. I averaged around 80 to 150 a day, and unfortunately, this is still average. I’m glad I am getting so many views, but I would still like to see more. My goal was to get to 180 to 250 average.

However, I have come to realize that my views will grow with each blog post. It also has a lot to do with Pinterest and the images I create for each blog post. Almost 95% of my traffic comes from Pinterest. I am happy to say that I did have one Saturday in February where my views reached over 600 in one day. That was very exciting for me.

March 2019 Goals:
Goal 1: Post a new quality blog at least once a week

Posting 1 new piece of content a week served me really well in February. It helped me get into a writing groove that I am still trying to perfect. Therefore, I will keep this goal for March.

Goal 2: Work out 3x times a week.

Again, I am choosing to keep this goal because February was a good month and working out 3x a week was doable. I am also loving the Yoga and I am going to continue building strength and flexibility. Plus, it is helping me manage my sports injuries in my left shoulder and left hip.

Goal 3: Social Media

I am keeping my Pinterest goal for March. Since this platform is so important for bloggers, I want to continue to learn everything about it. I would like to gain another 100 more followers on Pinterest and continue to develop a better strategy for pinning. Right now, I have 379 followers on Pinterest and an average 150K monthly viewers.

I have read that Pinterest can sometimes act like a moody teenager meaning the views on pins and profiles can really change drastically. So far February was really consistent, so I am hoping the March will remain the same with just a consistent growth.

I am also a member of Tailwind, so I will continue to use this software to pin on Pinterest.

Goal 4: Blog Views Sessions

With Google Analytics I will continue to check on my views and sessions per day, as well as, begin to look at my weekly and monthly sessions. I did notice that my session on a monthly average is increasing.

For December (when I signed up for Google Analytics) I had 1.9K sessions. For January, I had 2.5K sessions and for February I had 3.1K sessions.

Therefore, I am growing on the monthly count and maybe looking at Daily counts are not the best to see my blog’s growth.

So, I am going to set a monthly goal for March at 3.5K sessions on my blog.


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There you have it! February was a good month and I’m looking forward to March. Due to February’s success, I’m more motivated than ever.

Goals for our DEBT FREE JOURNEY!

Currently, we are sitting at Two Credit Cards, 1 personal loan, 1 large student loan, RV loan, and a truck loan averaging about $95K in debt. After our budgeting and working out our finances about mid-February, we are on track to have the 1 credit card, and the personal loan to be completely paid off by the end of July 2019. That is huge!

I am excited about March! The goals I have are attainable and of course, this month is when things start to warm up here in Texas. I love the warm weather! It gets me going and keeps me motivated when the temperatures outside are comfortable!

Comment below, what are your goals for this month? Whether it’s for your blog, business, or lifelike physical fitness or finances! I would love to know and cheer you on!

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RV Travel Lifestyle Blog 3 2 - March 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!

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