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RV Travel Lifestyle Blog 1 - January 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life & more!

It’s a new year and everyone is posting about their new year goals and resolutions. Setting goals and writing them down is an amazing stepping stone to accomplishing them.

I have always been a goal getter, so resolutions are a year-round thing for me! Transitioning our life into an RV, becoming debt free, and starting this blog has been a whirlwind of goals!

Interested in why we chose to live in an RV, check it out here (after you read this, of course)!

So, each month, starting January 2019, I thought I would share what my monthly goals are. I also wanted to share, with raw honesty, what it is really like living in an RV while working on this blog and striving toward our debt free goal. I’m talking about all of the ups and downs! Plus, I feel like posting my goals holds me even more accountable. Right?

Let’s begin by breaking down my goals for January 2019! 

Goal 1: Post a new blog twice a week!

That is about 8 blog posts a month. Honestly with a full-time job that is a lot for me, but I’m up for the challenge! I am also still finding my writing style while working on the grammar side of things. I have always been the type that just writes what I think in a casual conversation style. Not necessarily with proper sentence structure or punctuation, but I am learning to slow down and not rush my thoughts!

My sister in Law whose favorite subject was English has been my editor on almost everything I’ve written. She jokes with me about how I can actually write down what I am thinking, something she sometimes struggles doing, and that she just makes it proper. Thank goodness for family! 😉

Goal 2: Workout 3x a week!

Okay, so I have always been the athletic type. I played softball and volleyball in school, along with gym time, and Beachbody workouts. However, since attending college, and working a full-time job, getting to the gym or even doing a home workout has been challenging. I don’t have a gym membership, so my workouts will either be outside or something I can watch from YouTube, Amazon or our insanity/ P90x DVD’s sets.

Goal 3: Finish painting the Bedroom and Bathroom in the RV.

We have painted the living area and hallway as well as replaced the curtains and tiled the kitchen. We absolutely love our progress so far, but the renovations are not complete. I am ready to get it done! Want to see our renovations so far? Follow us on Instagram!

Goal 4: Pay off debt!

Total we are about $100,000 in debt with credit cards, student loans, personal loans and of course our RV and Truck. Our goal is to tackle the smallest ones first and knock out the 2 credit cards we have.

For now, there is one personal loan that I have budgeted to pay off this month. I owe about $950 on a personal loan that I took out about 8 years ago. It’s been a long time and I’m ready to get rid of it! January is that month! If it wasn’t for my budgeting, I would not be able to tackle this goal. That is why I wrote a post on why creating a budget is so important! It has helped me stay on top of our finances!


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That’s it! I know it may seem like 4 goals isn’t much…. but I feel like they are big goals. One thing I don’t want to do is overwhelm myself.

I learned that lesson the hard way. When I was in college, taking a full schedule, I also worked a full-time job, AND a part-time job. Looking back, what was I thinking?! I was getting 4 hours of sleep at night and those three months of busyness taught me my limits. I recognized how important it is to take care of myself and not become overwhelmed. 

So here we are 8 days into January 2019, and this is my 2nd post this month. 2 down, 6 more to go to hit my goal! If you missed my first one this year it was all about our downsizing journey! You can read it here!

With all the goals I just shared and posted for the world to see, you might be wondering how I plan on accomplishing all these goals, how do I stay on track?

I have learned that I work well with a planner! I have a monthly planner that I write everything in! It helps me keep things organized and on track. I also have an excel spreadsheet that I use specifically for my budget and blog posts. Each month I schedule everything out! Maybe I will eventually share my planner, but that’s for another time!

Thank you for reading and following me on this journey! If I can accomplish these goals, then I have no doubt that you can set and accomplish whatever you want too! Here is one of my favorite quotes for motivation;

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

If you have set some goals for this year I would love to read them! Please comment below or send me a link to your post!

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