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RV Travel Lifestyle Blog 1 - February 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!

It’s that time! Setting up my goals for the month of February 2019. But first, let’s recap on January’s goals.

My goals for January came with a lot of motivation and an attitude of “I can do this”. However, I didn’t count on being sick for almost half the month with sinus issues. So, some goals I did have set just didn’t happen.

My goals for January were:

  1. Post a new blog twice a week
  2. Workout 3x a week
  3. Finish Painting the Bedroom and Bathroom in the RV
  4. Pay Off Debt

Let’s dissect the first goal I had in January. As a new blogger, I am still learning a lot about the blogging world and have found with a full-time job that this goal was a big one. However, that didn’t stop me from posting 6 new articles. Not the 8 I had hoped for, but it is still a great accomplishment. So, I’m not too upset!

Also, through some research, I have found that it is better to post less and have quality content. I am all about quality content over quantity! I want my blog to be a place of useful information that others can use.

On to my fitness goal. Since I was sick with sinus issues because the weather here in North Texas doesn’t know if it’s winter or spring most days, it put me out. Although I didn’t reach the 3 times week goal, I did do at least 2 times so that isn’t a total fail.

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Can we skip goal number 3 of painting the bedroom and bathroom in the RV? Because it totally did not happen! Again, probably because I just wasn’t feeling well.

On to the goal number 4! Pay off Debt. Now, this goal I crushed! On January 25th, I completely paid off a loan that I had taken out about 8 years ago. I paid that remaining balance off and it feels amazing!

So, while I didn’t crush them all, I do still believe the goals were attainable just life happens and being sick is no fun.


Goals for February 2019


Goal 1: Post a new quality blog at least once a week.

After realizing that posting twice a week was a little too much with my work schedule, I have decided to tone it down and focus more on quality posts.

I would also like to do a product review once a month. Living this great RV life and blogging, there are some amazing products that you have to have and some that are just great for educational purposes. Product review posts are always so helpful when you’re trying to figure out if something is worth trying, so why not review the items or services we have used and purchased that have benefited us.

Goal 2: Work out 3x times a week.

I am choosing to keep this goal because I know I can do better then I did last month. I am also getting more into doing Yoga and started actually started a free 14-day trial with MyYogaWorks to try it out to gain strength, balance, and flexibility.

Goal 3: Paint the Bathroom in the RV.

I’m going to push back the bedroom and focus on one area this month to complete. I have the paint and the TIC TAC Tile from Amazon already, I just have to muster up the motivation to get it done! February will be that month! No more sickness!

Goal 4: Social Media

Since social media is so important for a blog, especially Pinterest, I really want to learn and focus on that platform. I would like to gain 100 more followers on Pinterest and develop a strategy of posting. Right now, I have 210 followers on Pinterest.

I am also a member of Tailwind, which is a software that allows you to schedule posts for Pinterest and other Social Media sites. I am hoping this will help me save time and develop a posting schedule to increase follower and views.

Goal 5: Blog Views.

I have Google Analytics to see my views and sessions every day. If you don’t have it, I highly recommend getting it. By using Google Analytics, I am pleased to see it grow every time I publish a new blog post.

So far, I started the month of January with an average of around 50 views/sessions. Now, averaging 80 to 140 views/sessions. I would love to grow that number to average 180 to 250 views/sessions a day by the end of February.

There you have it! January was a good month but could have been better. February is going to be a great and I’m more motivated then ever. Also, this month I will begin to really focus on paying off my credit card. Right now, I am scheduled to have it paid off by July of this year.

I feel like these goals are more attainable. We will see! So, let’s Crush this month of February!

Comment below, what are you goals for this month? Whether it’s for your blog, business, or life like physical fitness or finances! I would love to know and cheer you on!

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RV Travel Lifestyle Blog 1 - February 2019 Goals: Our Journey to a Debt Free Life and More!


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