Meet the RV Blogger Behind | Finding Her Niche

Meet the RV Blogger Behind | Finding Her Niche

If you’re a blogger or looking to start a blog, one thing you want to figure out is what you want to blog about. What is something that you are interested in and love talking about?

Whatever it is, that’s your blogging NICHE!!

When you’re just starting out you may be looking at other blogger’s websites to get ideas and inspiration. Honestly, I think that’s a great way to start.

I myself was inspired by many bloggers including Heather and Pete Reese, in which I took their Blogging Blastoff Course. They helped me get started and understanding how I could build and monetize from the beginning.

Another blogger that inspired me was Ashley Mann. She is an RV Blogger and owns If you’re an RVer her site is one you probably have stumbled upon.

During my beginning stages of building my site, I looked at her website for inspiration. It’s important to never copy another blogger but it’s okay to gain inspiration! After all, I think it’s important to have someone to look up to when you are starting anything. We look at the ones that are successful and strive to just be in the same ballpark. At least I do!

  • So who is Ashley Mann?
  • How did she start her blog?
  • How did she find her niche and become a blogging success?

I was lucky enough to actually be contacted by her in my early stages of blogging back in 2018. For me, having someone I look up to within the RV blogger niche world contact me was an exciting moment!

Recently I requested to interview her so others could meet her, feel inspired, and gain confidence within themselves to blog. I also wanted to highlight how finding a niche can be as simple as looking at your lifestyle, and build from there.

Without further a do….. Here is Ashley Mann! The RV Blogger behind,, and her own personal website

Living in an RV | A Brief Overview

Ashley was a Middle School English teacher in search of a new career that allowed her more freedom and flexibility! Here’s her story; 

I lived in an RV for about three years, and during that time we were mostly stationary; we lived in three different locations.  When my husband and I bought the RV, we were planning to start a business as commercial real estate investors buying and rehabbing apartments. We wanted the flexibility to move to whatever cities we thought we would be investing in.

The first city we went to was Kansas City – the nearest major city to our hometown of Springfield, MO.

Our business didn’t pan out the way we planned, and my husband ended up getting a job there that kept us stuck there for a while.  That was when I started my blog. (June of 2017, her site went live)

Then in 2018, my husband started a commercial real estate real software company, and we moved to the Dallas area for a few months so he could be close to his business partner, who lives there.

At the beginning of 2019, we were both finally working from home and completely location independent! We decided to move our RV back to our hometown “for a few months” before deciding where to go next. But we actually realized we weren’t really interested in traveling full time and decided we wanted to make Springfield our permanent home base.

The cost of living in Springfield is so low, we were able to rent a nice house in a beautiful neighborhood for the same price we were paying to live in our RV, so that’s what we’re doing now, and our RV is currently for sale.

How did you find your Niche as an RV Blogger?

I started my website to fill a need I was experiencing myself, which was a place to find great ideas for turning an RV into a home. At the time, I was spending hours on Pinterest and in Facebook groups looking for ideas for RV organization and decorating.

On Pinterest, I kept seeing the same ideas come up over and over and none of them were what I was looking for. On Facebook, I would see people share great ideas. But, those ideas would get lost in the group feed. Then a few weeks later, someone else in the group would ask for the same idea, without seeing what had already been posted.

So, I decided to curate the ideas I was seeing shared so they could search for them on Pinterest and Google. 

Did you set out initially to make an income with your blog?

I definitely planned all along for my blog to be a source of income.  My husband had studied digital marketing through niche websites prior. But he had never actually created a niche site because he didn’t have anything he was interested in blogging about.

When I shared with him my idea of a website about RV ideas, he pointed me to some articles and resources. This was where I learned some basics of content marketing that helped me create my initial strategy.  And the income definitely did not come on its own.

The first success I saw was after I took an online course about how to use Pinterest effectively to generate website traffic. The second big burst of growth was when I took an online course on SEO and started applying the techniques I learned from it.

Where do you see in the future?

I don’t see myself personally blogging about RVing forever. I plan to grow my business to the point where I either hire content writers or sell to someone who has the passion to take over and continue my vision.

I’m working on a second major piece of the business (a related website) which I’ll be launching this year.  I’m not really sure what’s next for me, but I can see myself eventually starting another blog/website in a completely different niche. I may even possibly move into consulting type work.

rent an rv

What is one thing that you hope will inspire others?

The paradigm shift that changed my life and helped me escape a job that I wasn’t happy in four years ago, was the realization that my job search didn’t have to be limited to skills and education I already had. But, that I could learn to do whatever I wanted. 

So many online jobs, including blogging, do not require a college degree or any formal education.  I think the biggest hurdle to overcome is simply lack of awareness of what jobs exist and how people are making money online.

But, once you start making yourself aware of what opportunities are out there, you can learn the skills needed for free and without a college degree. Keep Learning!

Final Thoughts

There you have it! I hope you now feel inspired by the RV Blogger, Ashley Mann.

Sometimes finding your blogging niche is as simple as looking at your own life, seeing an “issue”, and wanting to create that online space to bring all you know on a subject together.

Also, do not be afraid to learn something new and KEEP LEARNING! Blogging is a learning process and if you’re wanting to start a blog then I hope you get it going sooner rather than later.

If you want to learn from the pros, check out Heather and Pete Reese. They helped me get started and taught me how to blog for money, how to build it up from the beginning, and more! I highly recommend their course! You can check it out here and start their 5-day blogging blast off email course!

If you would like to learn more about Ashley, check out her site

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How To Make Money Traveling (7 Proven Ways)

How To Make Money Traveling (7 Proven Ways)

Make Money TravelingWhether you’re wanting to make money traveling full-time in an RV or traveling full-time Internationally by plane, being able to earn an income is essential.

With today’s technology, the possibilities of making money online is almost endless.

However, many are still so skeptical about whether they can really make money online so they can travel full-time. I get it! Especially when college and careers are pushed on us almost our entire lives.

We are trained to think that we need to get a job, work 9-5, commute to and from, and that’s just the way everyone is supposed to do it.

Well, I believe things are changing for the better. People are wanting freedom from the mundane 9-5 commuting jobs so they can travel full-time.

This current generation who grew up with technology are opening doors to a whole new “work environment”. People are demanding more at home jobs, more freedom with their schedules, and they desire the ability to travel and explore while making money online.

Through so much research and desire myself to earn in income from home, here are 7 proven ways you can make money to travel the world.

9 Top Reason You Should Consider Full-Time RV Living
How To Start Your Full-time RV Living Journey

1. Find a Remote Job and make money traveling

This is exactly what I did, after I started my own business.

I started my own travel agency and affiliated with Avoya Travel as my host agency. Then, when there became a Remote Employee position available within the company, I applied.

I applied for two positions. One I was denied, and the other took 3 weeks of interviews before being hired.

Due to becoming an employee, I could not affiliate my Travel Agency with them. So, I chose to liquidate my business and work as an employee. After all, all I wanted was a job so I could work from home. Therefore, I took the steps to make it happen.

Maybe you have a job now that could allow you to work from home. It wouldn’t hurt to ask and investigate it. A lot of companies now are opening Remote Employee departments.

I suggest looking at Indeed (for example) to search of positions.

If you have a company in mind that you are interested in working for, check out their career page and see if they offer remote positions.

2. Start your own online business to make money

Before I became a Remote Employee for Avoya, as I said, I owned my own Travel Agency. It was great because Avoya Travel provides Leads for their Agents that affiliate with them. If you’d like more info on Starting your own Travel Agency, check it out at

Maybe selling Travel from home isn’t your ideal, that’s okay. There are so many other types of businesses you can start!

Think about your strengths or maybe what you went to school for. You could be a Virtual Fitness Coach and start online personal training sessions.

Maybe you’re an Accountant or Book-keeper? You can start your own business by offering your services.

These are just a couple of ideas to get you started in brainstorming.

3. Start a blog to make money while traveling

I know, blogging is probably the number one that people say you can earn an income doing and they’re right!

If you choose to start a blog, you can earn income from Advertisements, Sponsorships, and affiliated marketing.

I have been blogging since September of 2018. This is when I purchased the Course from Heather and Pete Reese, Blogging Blastoff. Before I took their course, I read blog post after blog post on how to write and start a blog. I got to a point where I just felt stuck and lost in the blogging world.

I knew I needed to invest in a training, and through months of contemplation and getting serious about wanting to blog, I purchased their course. After all, I wanted to make money and have the freedom to travel in our RV or purchase a plane ticket.

It was the Best Decision I made in my blogging career.

They cover so much material including all the different ways to earn an income, how to promote your blog and how to write your blogs to appeal to your audience. Heather and Pete also cover how to pitch brands for sponsorships, tips for SEO, Pinterest, and all the other Social Media Platforms to get your name out there.

If you’re interested in starting a blog and serious about making money to travel, then you can start by taking their 5-day email course. After that, you’ll be set to enter the Blogging Blastoff course. If you would like to start the Free 5-day email course, here is my affiliate link.-> BLOGGING BLASTOFF Free 5 Day Email Course

4. Affiliate Marketing

There is a huge potential to earn an income at home by affiliate marketing. All you do is take someone else’s product, market it, and when someone purchases the product or service from your affiliate link, you then earn a commission. You can do this with or without a website.

Many Bloggers who have websites are also Affiliate Marketers. They write blog posts as reviews for a specific product or service, market it, and earn commissions. I am one of those bloggers, however, I have learned that it really takes time and understanding your audience.

Affiliate marketing is a beast, which is why I loved taking the course my Michelle Schroeder, “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing”. Her course is a lifesaver when it comes to understanding who your audience is, how to locate the right products to market, and how to market them. She goes over so much and is so helpful.

She averages now over $50,000 a month with Affiliate Marketing Products.


If she can make money traveling, so can you!

Ask yourself, what would you do if you were able to make that kind of money?

If you’re interested in taking her course and learning exactly how she does it and how you can too, here is my affiliate link for her course -> Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder

5. Drop-Shipping

Many people are making thousands, if not millions, by owning a drop shipping website. These sites are usually found on Shopify. They are great if you’re wanting to earn money online and travel the world.

Drop Shipping is similar to starting your own business if you had tangible products to sell. However, this system is a supply management method where you do not keep the goods you are selling in house, but instead you transfer all customers ordered to a manufacture who distributes the product for you.

6. Freelance Writer

If you love to write, but the idea of having a blog is just not your cup of tea, then maybe becoming a Freelance Writer is for you. There are so many online blogs and magazines that are looking for writers to help them with their content. The best part is they are wanting to pay you to write for them. This gives you that opportiunity to make money traveling because as a Freelancer, you work when you want.

You can also check out websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or People per Hour to find jobs. You can even start a business, build a website, and with time can really make money online. There are some Freelancer writers making $30-100K a year. All depends on you!

7. Virtual Assistant and Make money Traveling

This one is very similar to Freelance writing, but instead of writing blog posts or articles you are helping others with their daily tasks. This is something I have always been so good at. I enjoy helping others be successful because in turn, that made me successful.

If that sounds like you, you can become a virtual assistant by being hired with a company, or you can freelance. If you really are wanting a free schedule, then freelancing is the way to go. Usually companies have set schedules and times they need you to work.

As a Virtual Assistant, the tasks you can help with are endless, so I would narrow down a just a few tasks that you are good at and market those. For Example, If you’re great at scheduling, keeping up with emails, and proofreading material then let your prospects know.

Some websites to check out are

So, I know there are a ton of articles stating what you can do from home to earn an income. While there are many other options, these top 7 are legit ways you can leave the 9-5 job and travel by RV on the road or international and make money traveling.

I don’t want to overwhelm you, because starting anything and trying to make money online is overwhelming enough. Pick one that works for you and run with it.

I do have to say it will take some work. Not one of these options is going to get you rich quick, so if that’s what you are looking for then starting a blog or business just isn’t for you and that’s okay.

For me, finding that Remote Job was my goal, then I work on my blog on the side. Maybe that’s the route for you as well. There are many companies looking for remote employees.

So, if you’re willing to put in the time, want to set your own schedule and travel the world, then you will succeed!

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